A relaxing weekend? Ha!

This weekend was one of those weekends where we got a lot accomplished but I’m more exhausted than rested by Sunday evening.

Here’s what we accomplished this weekend:
-We completed the “Great Room Switch” and got the Littlest Brewster set up in her new room with her big girl beds. (There will be a post on this, complete with pictures, later this week. I promise.)
-We amended the tomato beds for the year. This involves hoeing up the top 6-8″ of the entire bed, mixing in 4 x 50lb bags of Black Cow Compost, approximately half of a 3 cu. foot bag of vermiculite, and about 20 lbs of Garden Tone fertilizer, and then leveling the whole thing so that it’s ready for planting.
-We planted one of the potato grow bags. We’ve got 2 bags again this year but are seriously contemplating getting another 2.
20140413-190550.jpg-We built the frames for the seed starting shelf that we’re making. (There will be a post on this, complete with pictures, either this week or next. I promise.)
20140413-190534.jpg-This was entirely unplanned but bears mentioning: I fell down our entire flight of stairs Saturday afternoon on my butt. BIT wasn’t discombobulated in the least, but I ended up with a rug burn on one arm and a very bruised, very sore posterior and lower back.

-We did our weekly grocery shopping and Lowe’s shopping (because we’re single-handedly keeping the makers of Black Cow in business).
-We brewed another batch of Shallow Grave Porter, one of our last two brews for the season before it gets too hot in our house to ferment.
20140413-190543.jpg-We amended the squash bed, following the same procedure as outlined above.
-We built one of the shelves for our seed starting rack.
20140413-190558.jpg-We planted our second potato grow bag. (I must mention: the DreadBrewer did this while I was having a nap that he forced upon me. He’s cruel like that.)
-We planted the tomatoes. The remaining seedlings (because you know we had a ton more seedlings than we needed) were transplanted to larger containers and fertilized.

Tomatoes 4.13.14-DB and his mom dug up a bunch of our rogue blackberry and raspberry plants and put them in pots for her to plant at her house.
-Then all of the plants and pots and whatnot had to be watered and the tools put away and the yard tidied up.
-I made a batch of muffins to take to work, as it’s been super busy lately and will be super busy tomorrow and I figured we could all use a treat.
-Also entirely unplanned but bears mentioning: the Littlest Brewster managed to tip her chair backwards during brewing and whack her head on the concrete. Everyone was very upset with the whole situation (I am bitterly certain that it’s entirely my fault) but as LB didn’t even end up with a red spot or a goose egg, we got off pretty easily.

All of this was in addition to our normal weekend chores (a few loads of laundry, a bunch of dishes, getting prepped for the week ahead) and in addition to wrangling the Littlest Brewster, though my mother-in-law came Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon for a bit to help us out. For the most part, LB doesn’t mind helping in the garden and is willing to trade time on the swing set for time in the yard. Thank God for that, although I think that may be more nurture versus nature.

The DreadBrewer has been struggling with back issues lately and I’m pretty darn pregnant at this point, so by the end of the weekend, we were essentially yelling at one another to take it easy. He would say, “I can do that! Sit down! You’re pregnant!!!” and I would counter with “I’m pregnant, not broken! Let me do that! Go sit on the heating pad for your back!!!” Needless to say, we both ended up stubbornly doing more than we should have and we’re both paying the price this morning.

At this point, I’m desperate for Monday and the work week to roll around so I can get a break. And joy of joys, I’m off on Tuesday and only have 13 million errands planned, rather than my usual 15 million.

4 thoughts on “A relaxing weekend? Ha!

  1. As hard as you both worked this weekend (and all other weekends) I hope everything makes it through the freeze the next two nights!!

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