BIT’s 32 week update: less than two months to go!

Wait – did I type that correctly? Less than 2 months to go?!?

Commence freak out.

Actually no. I think I’ll wait on the freak out until I have one month left. That buys me a little more time for the whole “Let’s ignore the fact that we’ll soon have another kid to deal with” modus operandi that’s worked so well thus far.

How’re things going lately? Pretty well, truth be told.
General Symptoms: All in all, I’m doing okay. I am absolutely exhausted by the end of most days, but I don’t think it’s any sort of special/scary exhaustion. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks and, if I’m being honest, it’s highly unlikely that I will go again this pregnancy. But I haven’t put my membership on hold yet because 1) that would mean I can’t take LB to the pool, which she loves and b) that would be admitting defeat in the exercise arena. (Which I am not quite ready to do yet.) Other than being/feeling like a lazy slug, things are pretty much the same. Varicose veins still hideous and slightly achy. Heartburn still preventing flat sleeping at night, although it is much, much better with the prilosec. Thigh chafe still necessitating fugly underwear. But overall, I actually really, really like being pregnant and so I’m trying not to complain too much. God knows I don’t want to be branded as a pregnant princess.

Doula: When I was pregnant with the Littlest Brewster, I was very, very adamant that I was going to have a natural birth. ((Because never having had a baby, I was an expert on what I did and did not want and would and would not do during childbirth.)) DB and I hooked up with a doula that we really liked in our quest for the perfect birth. Well, LB’s birth didn’t end up as natural as I would have liked, but we were really pleased with Michelle, our doula. We just reached out to her to see if she’s available for this birth and she is! At first, I didn’t think we needed a doula since we’ve done this before, but I would still like to have a natural birth and I think the chances of that happening are higher with Michelle in our corner. So hooray on that front!

Weight/Eating: I have officially turned into a hobbit and think about nothing except food. Second breakfast is a regular occurrence, as is afternoon snack, pre-dinner snack, and post-dinner snack. Amazingly, with all this noshing, I haven’t blown up like a total blimp. (Probably due in large part to the fact that I still walk roughly 10,000 steps a day at work and have to run around after a toddler when I’m not working.) My weight today was 170.0 lbs, which puts total gain at 15.0 lbs to date. There are times I’m seriously tempted to say, “Screw it! I’m 99.9% positive this is my last pregnancy ever, so let’s live it up for the last 8 weeks! Bring on the doughnuts!” But I try to remember that that will only lead to frustration and misery after I have the baby and can usually say no to the extra piece of cake. Granted, my eating habits could be better than they have been lately – something to work on. Actually, something I have to work on as I’ve been reminded lately how eating like crap makes you feel like crap. I much prefer feeling healthy rather than ashamed and yucky.

BIT’s Antics: BIT is very active in the early evening, probably because that’s the only time that I’m sitting and have the attention span to spare for noticing him/her. I will seriously never get tired of feeling baby kicks. Ever. LB has gotten to feel them once or twice and she wasn’t super impressed. And, in typical fetus fashion, he or she perversely stops moving whenever anyone puts their hands on the baby bump. I’ve also drawn ((and I use that term loosely)) the following diagram explaining where BIT could be versus where BIT chooses to be:

BITs position

Look at all that unused space where a baby could comfortably stretch out!

Needless to say, my right ribs are getting a little sore from constantly having a baby rump shoved up under them.

And here’s the (slightly blurry) bump picture of the week:


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