How to do Easter if you’re a “mean” parent

The DreadBrewer and I are what most people would consider mean parents, especially when it comes to candy/soda/etc.

Last year, I filled the Littlest Brewster’s Easter eggs with pieces of clementine, which I thought was pretty clever as the kid loves fruit. I had a patient tell me that she thought that was the most.horrible.thing.ever.

So this year, I went out on a limb and filled LB’s Easter eggs with freeze-dried fruit and yogurt drops.

Getting fancy, no?

Getting fancy, no?

The Littlest Brewster thought that was just the best thing ever and insisted on eating the contents of each egg before beginning to look for the next one. I figure that while she doesn’t know that the eggs are supposed to be full of chocolate and nougat and Peeps, let’s take advantage and give her something a little bit better for her.

I will say that there was an Easter party, complete with junk food, at her preschool that she attended and she came home with a bag of treats in addition to the copious quantities of sugar she consumed at said party. ((We signed up to bring baby carrots. Again, we’re jerks.)) ((I’m just kidding – we’re not that big of jerks, they asked someone to sign up for carrots. We didn’t just say “Oh hell no” to a request for cupcakes.)) And I want to know what adult in their right mind thinks that Starburst candy is an appropriate treat for a two year old. Luckily for the Littlest Brewster and the health of her teeth, Starburst candy is an appropriate treat for a woman who is 7 months pregnant.

Our awesome neighbors brought LB an Easter basket as well that was full of fruit and awesome Hello Kitty socks. And DB’s mom brought some toys that were a huge hit, particularly one of those pool noodles. LB spent a good hour running around with her “noodle doodle” and having a blast. ((Then of course I had to be the bad guy and take it away from her when she tried to take it inside and chase the cats with it. Again – mean parent.))

So there you have it – how to do Easter as a mean parent. Fill your child’s eggs with delicious (and marginally nutritious) fruity yogurt things, eat all of their candy yourself, and get them non-food treats to celebrate the holiday. How did my other mean mommy friends do? 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to do Easter if you’re a “mean” parent

  1. I’ll join you in being a mean mom. Our kids get hard boiled eggs.

    Ella came home with a whole bunch of candy from mom’s day out and I shoved that in her basket. I did buy Cadbury eggs but told her they were for Daddy’s basket- aka for mommy to eat. You know, because in my toddler’s mind Daddy’s food is his food but Mommy’s food is fair game.

  2. I love your Easter basket ideas! We don’t celebrate Easter personally but my mom always likes to get K a basket. We were worried that it would be chock full of candy but it was mostly small snack-sized packets of goldfish crackers and Teddy grahams. Still not super healthy but way better than Peeps or other candy!

  3. You know how I am, I LOVE sweet anything, and I still think this is the most awesome thing ever. Like you wrote, she got sugar and sweets at daycare.
    Why not give her something just as yummy, but better for her at home??

  4. We didn’t get them anything so we won the “mean parent” awards! They did an egg hunt at church and some awesome friends brought baskets with more eggs (filled with rocks and flower bits at my request!), so they still did pretty well.

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