Imagine “Taps” being played slowly and softly…

After I posted about planting our tomatoes two weekends ago, one of my friends wisely pointed out in the comments that she hoped the upcoming frosts didn’t hurt our transplants. I had my fingers crossed and was hoping against hope that our tomatoes managed to weather the weather unscathed.

Alas, it was not to be.

Dead Tomatoes 1 Dead Tomatoes 2Despite our best efforts to shield them with plastic and old bedsheets, the tomatoes succumbed to the late frost.

(This is where you should imagine me and the DreadBrewer, solemnly standing arm in arm and surveying the tomato carnage, as Taps plays in the background…)

We had to replant every.single.tomato.

The DreadBrewer was remarkably philosophical and calm about the whole thing, chalking it up as a learning experience.

I, on the other hand, was gripped by a completely irrational and disproportionate rage at Mother Nature about the loss of our plants. This could be due to the fact that I am enormously pregnant and it was not easy to squat down to plant those stupid seedling and I was going to have to do it again!!!! Pregnancy hormones *may* have had something to do with the towering rage as well.

Replanting them was at least easier and quicker than the original endeavor as the holes were already prepared and marked. All we had to do was yank out the old plant and pop in the new one.

Also, thank God that the DreadBrewer never does anything by half measures, so we actually had enough seedlings left to replace all 16 tomato plants.

But I’m warning you, Mother Nature – if something happens to these seedlings and my hugely pregnant self has to go out and replant the tomatoes again, we are going to have a problem.

1 thought on “Imagine “Taps” being played slowly and softly…

  1. Alas, the same thing happened to our tomatoes. One single night. Ugh. We’re replanting this weekend and I swear I will lose it if we have another frost, especially now that almost everything has sprouted.

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