Tomorrow, my buddy Elise is coming to visit!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!! (In case the number of exclamation point didn’t adequately convey that…)

I’m really looking forward to a few days of talking nonstop about everything under the sun and reconnecting with my friend without having to juggle kids and crappy cell phone reception and everything else. Well, we’ll still have to juggle kids as LB’s not going anywhere and Elise is bringing her 6 month old, but it will still be awesome.

And to be honest, I need something fun right now. I’m currently feeling just a tiny bit overwhelmed ((read: I feel like I’m drowning but refuse to admit it)) by life in general. Granted, this means that Elise will not be greeted with a spotless house as I simply do not have it in me to clean like a mad woman, but who better to understand the dust bunnies and grimy handprints than another mom?

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