BIT’s 36 Week Update – Getting down to the wire!

Less than a month to go! Well, supposedly. As the Littlest Brewster regarded her due date with disdain and decided not to make an appearance for another 4 days, I’m guessing BIT may have the same reclusive tendencies. At this point, I’m fine with that as I know how much easier it is to care for an inside baby than an outside baby. Ask me again how I feel about staying pregnant after another week of >90º temps and I may have changed my tune. 🙂

Not too much exciting going on – I’m just keeping on keeping on with work and life and trying to stay busy.

My coworkers are throwing me a baby shower (Sprinkle? Since it’s my second?) this afternoon, so I was going to take today to try and find something to wear that doesn’t make me look like a walking circus tent. I feel kind of sorry for them – they all asked where I registered and I told them, but pretty much the only things I’ve registered for are diapers and wipes. We saved all of the other essentials, making us not fun people to shop for this time around.

This week marks the start of weekly OB visits, rather than every 2 weeks. And probably the start of random strangers inquiring as to my progress with dilation and effacement. Which I’m sure I’ll handle really well, considering I’ve been so calm and undisturbed with random strangers commenting on my size and weight gain. I did have a patient tell me yesterday, “You sure have gotten fat!” and I very nicely replied, “Why, thank you Mrs. X. That’s so sweet.” And walked away. Aren’t you proud of my self restraint? I was…

Speaking of weight: my weight gain has held pretty steady at a pound a week. Today was 175.6 lbs, putting total gain at 20.6 lbs so far. It’s weird – my weight will be the same, the same, the same for almost 2 weeks, then whoa – up 2 lbs overnight. Eating habits are still not the picture of health and wellness, but it is what it is.

The Littlest Brewster is starting to get more excited, I think. Having Marian come visit was good for her – she got a chance to see what it was like having a baby, albeit an older baby, in the house. She’s been very lovey on my baby bump lately and has given the baby lots of kisses. We talk about how “her” baby isn’t ready yet but he/she is going to come out soon to see her. And about how she’s going to be such a good big sister. So hopefully the transition will go as smoothly as possible.

That’s really about all that’s going on. I’ve got a picture of the bump below – it’s getting a little harder on my ego to post these as I feel like I look much, much bigger this time around than I did with the Littlest Brewster. (Which is ironic, as I think I was >190lbs when I delivered her and I don’t see myself getting to that point with this pregnancy.) But Lord knows I really have no shame when it comes to posting embarrassing pictures of myself on the internet, so here it is:

36 Weeks

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