Heaven! I’m in Heaven!

Because we finally set up our drip irrigation system!

For Christmas 2012 (yes, you read that correctly), I bought the DreadBrewer a gift certificate to Dripworks Irrigation. We purchased a couple Heart of the Garden kits, as these seemed to include pretty much everything we would need to get started with drip irrigation.

We managed to get the initial tubing set up last year but never got around to putting out the soaker lines or hooking up the spigot.

Last Sunday, as I was taking the most wonderful epic Mother’s Day nap ever, DB got soaker lines set up in 3 of the 4 10×10 beds.

And it’s amazing!

Dripworks 1 Dripworks 2 Dripworks 3 Dripworks 4

All we have to do is turn on the hose, wait (or do other stuff), and turn it off again. Et voila! The garden is watered! Technically we still have to do the front beds by hand, but this has cut the amount of watering down by 2/3.

And of course DB insists that the plants love it and have grown exponentially since we started watering them like this.

Now if only we could figure out how to get 100% of the garden covered with soaker lines, we would be all set. Sadly, DB spouts off some nonsense about water pressure or some other jiminy jominy when I bring it up. We may be able to cover another bed or two, but I think some of it will always have to be done by hand. But anything’s better than doing all 675 square feet of garden manually! I highly, highly recommend checking out Dripworks if you’re toying with the idea of installing drip irrigation.

2 thoughts on “Heaven! I’m in Heaven!

  1. That sounds amazing! Our garden isn’t nearly as big as yours (yet…) and it still takes forever to water. I’m thinking this might be Jim’s birthday present this year.

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