It could be worse…

When I was pregnant with the Littlest Brewster, one of the main reasons that I was certain I did not want a daughter was that I would have no idea what to do with a girly girl. If I could be guaranteed a tomboy, then everything would be fine. Princesses and bows and pink, pink, pink – yeah, not really my thing.

Then the Littlest Brewster made her debut and I figured I’d just have to cope – and do my best to gently steer her away from all things girly and towards more of a balance.

And I feel like we’ve achieved a remarkable sort of balance. For while LB is firmly entrenched in her love of all things princess, she still loves bugs and dirt and fire trucks.

Case in point, here’s the Littlest Brewster over the weekend, rockin’ what she calls her “pretty princess skirt” and lovin’ on her pet beetle:

Pretty Princess*I would like to note that the beetle is actually dead, but don’t tell her that. She thinks it’s just a really lazy beetle who doesn’t do much.*

*I would also like to note that I didn’t actually chose that skirt for her. It was a gift.*

So, like I said – it could be worse. If this is as girly as it gets, I’ll be fine. Famous last words, right? 😉

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