BIT’s 38 Week Update – Almost there!

BIT is now 38 weeks and officially full term. Crazy to think that, given my OB’s rule about only letting you go a week over your due date, we will definitely get to meet BIT within the next 3 weeks. Here’s how things are going in the last little bit of pregnancy:

Prepping for a newborn: I had a teeny tiny scare with pre-eclampsia at my 36 week appointment. (It turned out to be nothing beyond my BP going up at the sheer idiocy of the nurse checking my vitals. Pregnancy has not made me a more patient person, nor has it enhanced my already-low tolerance for stupidity.) But the thought that if it were for real, I would be being induced without having really done anything for this baby motivated me a bit. So the bottles and onesies have all been washed, we’ve got the crib 100% ready, and I have a stack of Pampers in BIT’s room. We still need to put the car seat base in the Dread Brewer’s car (already done in mine) and get the swing down from the attic, but other than that, we’re set. Oh, and I did get around to packing my hospital bag too.

General Symptoms: For the most part, I’m honestly fine. I’m really, really tired all of the time, but that’s pretty much par for the course when you’re hugely pregnant. I did finally ask to reduce my hours a bit at work, for which I got the okay, but it’s been sort of hit or miss as to whether I’m leaving early or not. If we’re busy and there are patients who still need to be treated, you can bet that my butt is not walking out the door, swinging my hands. Granted, those days are a lot harder on DB and the Littlest Brewster as I’m sort of useless when I get home but it’s just not in me to walk away from work like that.  Swelling and heartburn are still pretty consistent. Sleep is difficult. (That’s the understatement of the century, if I’m being honest. Jessie and I were just reminiscing about the farce that is “sleep” when you’re 9 months pregnant…) In short, I’m hugely pregnant, moderately uncomfortable, and pretty tired. But, I’m trying my best to enjoy what I can about these last few weeks as I’m 99.999999999% sure that these are the last few weeks of my last pregnancy ever.

Me and DB

I love how you can see the kitchen clutter in the background. That’s actually kind of clean for us…

Last Date: The DreadBrewer and I went out for a last date night this past weekend, which was awesome. I should technically say date afternoon as we’re not late night people. We had actually tossed around the idea of a night away, but it would have been way too expensive to do it up right. So instead my mother-in-law came and watched LB so we could go and have a good time at The Flying Saucer. DB had a couple of Stone Brewing’s Collaborative Distortion and I had a kölsch from White Street Brewery in Wake Forest. Thankfully, no one seemed to be giving me the side eye for having a beer. Or a giant pile of loaded cheese fries. We also walked over a few blocks to try out another place, the Boylan Bridge Brewpub. The outside seating area was really nice, but their DIPA wasn’t all that great -making it a bit of a draw. I can forgive a lot of things but not mediocre beer. Still, it was phenomenal to get away for an afternoon. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again not too long after BIT’s arrival.

Weight Gain: Still holding pretty steady at about a pound a week. Weight this morning was 176.6 lbs, putting total gain at 21.6 lbs. Not bad for 38 weeks. However, with the whole “Enjoy what’s left of your last pregnancy” mindset, I’m certainly not going to stress about gain the next two weeks. I may be getting a WholeFoods honey bun multiple times a week. And I may not be getting one for DB or telling him about it (although technically I just did. Sorry buddy! I’ll bring you one next time, I swear!).

On the weight gain note (and tying into people’s stupid comments), I had patient tell me the other day, “You’re really fat today!” But she was super old and I don’t think she mean it meanly. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

The Bump: Here it is:

38 Weeks

And as you can see, the bump is slightly out of control. I’m down to about 4 or 5 shirts that adequately cover the tummy and I’m just rotating through them, over and over and over. I’m still measuring right on track and, as you can see, my weight gain isn’t off the charts – I’ve just got a really, really big bump. I keep forgetting how far it sticks out and opening doors into it or running into people. Luckily, I have yet to do anything worse than that – when I was pregnant with LB, I managed to burn my bump on the stove. So fingers crossed BIT just gets knocked about a bit. As the Littlest Brewster was over 9 pounds at birth and I’m noticeably larger with this one, I’ll be interested to see if BIT surpasses his/her sister’s birth weight.

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