Building Your Own Seed Starting Rack

I may have mentioned it before (like, a million times) but the DreadBrewer is a cultivar snob when it comes to which varieties of plants he wants to grow. The main difficulty with being a cultivar snob is the fact that your standard garden center doesn’t stock transplants of the variety you want. If you go to Lowe’s, there are probably 10 varieties of tomato to pick from and I can guarantee you none of them made the DreadBrewer’s cut for “What to put in the garden.”

Last year we solved this dilemma by starting a bunch of seeds under grow lights in the garage. This worked pretty well, provided that we weren’t too ambitious and planning on starting a bunch of transplants versus direct sowing.

Well, the DreadBrewer doesn’t know how to do anything in the garden that’s not ambitious. So when he suggested starting ALL of our plants from seed this year, I knew there was no way our current set-up could handle it. Which I gently pointed out to him.

Naturally, DB had an answer to that and directed me to this website and it’s plan for a seed starting rack. Given the DreadBrewer’s inability to do anything by half measures, I was envisioning a 400-lb seed rack that would take up half of our garage and cost a small fortune to build. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we could build this rack for less than $100 and it can be disassembled to store flat during the off-season.

So we went for it.

And it’s pretty damn awesome. Here are some pictures from the process:
Seed Rack 1 Seed Rack 2 Seed Rack 3 Seed Rack 4 Seed Rack 5It took us three weekends to put the rack together, but that was more due to my being tired and the Littlest Brewster being helpful than to the design being overly involved. You could easily build this in a day (or less), particularly if you have a buddy helping.

At this point, I have to caution you all: The plans listed on the University of Maine website are terrible and inaccurate. We used them as a jumping off point but had to figure a bunch of things out for ourselves when we realized that the fellow who put them together is apparently incapable of simple arithmetic. (For example, how is 6 + 4 + 3 = 11 x 24″ pieces of wood?)

I have made the DreadBrewer promise to sit down and write up a diagram/plan for what we made so that I can post it here for anyone who is interested. However, if you can’t wait (or it’s been awhile and I’ve apparently forgotten), please reach out to me.

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