BIT’s Update: 41 weeks!

I know I’ve been doing these updates every 2 weeks throughout the pregnancy, but I figured today deserved it’s own special update as I’m 41 weeks pregnant and the eviction induction is scheduled for tomorrow.

How has the last week been? Honestly, it’s been hard. Every day, I woke up thinking “Maybe today!” And every night, I got in bed thinking “Maybe tonight!” And it never happened. There were a few times that I’d have one or two contractions, but nothing that ever turned into anything. And that gets really mentally exhausting. Add in the fact that now I’ve “wasted” a week of my maternity leave just waiting for the baby to arrive, and I get pretty grumpy about the whole situation. (Though it was very, very nice to have a week off to putz around before go-time and I’m glad I took it, rather than working right up to the end.) Physically, this last week hasn’t been any worse than previous weeks, for which I’m thankful.

How am I feeling about tomorrow? Terrified. Well, maybe not terrified, but pretty nervous. And a little disappointed that I’m going to be induced. “Everyone” says that contractions with pitocin are so much more painful than your body’s natural contractions, which makes me nervous about doing it sans epidural. And of course I’ve read horror stories of 50 hour inductions that turned into C-sections – which was probably not a good idea, now that I think about it. But it is nice to be able to plan for care for the Littlest Brewster for the next few days. And to have been able to give her some extra snuggles and cuddles over the last few days and particularly to do so tonight since it’s the last night where she’s my only baby. (Damn, I’m tearing up just writing that. Imagine what a mess I’ll be at bedtime tonight!)

One thing that was nice about having a set date (once we realized that labor was not starting on its own) was that it gave the DreadBrewer a firm “I’m out of the office” date and let him get some things wrapped up yesterday. Today is his birthday (Happy Birthday, buddy!!!) and we’re going to spend the morning catching up on some last minute things around the house and garden and just hanging out together. And then we’ll spend the afternoon with LB, soaking up some “one child time”.

I feel like I have been pregnant for such a long time that the idea of not being so any longer – and having a newborn instead – is a little overwhelming right now if I think about it. My sister was induced with her twins and she told me that she got very little sleep the night before – I have a feeling that tonight will be a restless night indeed. (More so than the last one hundred nights, if that’s even possible.) I’m hoping that a glass of wine and a nice bath will help me at least get a little rest.

Here is one last picture of the bump for your viewing pleasure:

41 Weeks(And I didn’t put in a weight update as I figured that once I made it past 40 weeks, I got a free pass on the scale. I’m pretty sure I’m over the 25 lb gain mark now, but whatevs.)

So, wish us luck! And stay tuned for an update and to meet BIT! I’ll do my best to post at least a picture and his or her stats pretty quickly, and then there will probably be radio silence for awhile.

9 thoughts on “BIT’s Update: 41 weeks!

  1. I hope your induction goes quickly and smoothly!! I know you are ready to meet the little one! Good luck!!

  2. Happy Birthday, DB!!! Enjoy this sweet moment with just LB, and I’ll be praying for you. You look fantastic, so even if you don’t *feel* fantastic you can take pleasure in the fact that you are an extra cute pregnant lady. ❤ ❤

  3. Good luck tomorrow! You look amazing and you are going to rock this birth!

    The night before my induction with Ella I was a wreck. Not because I was worried about the induction, not because I had a last minute panic attack over the imminent arrival of a newborn…but because I was worried about oversleeping and getting to the hospital late. I *may* be more than a little Type A.

    The moral of the story- don’t be like me. Drink some wine, snuggle with LB, relax as much as possible, and try to get some rest.

    And a practical bit of advice for tomorrow- be insistent on still being able to move around during labor. Having to lie flat on my back throughout pitocin contractions was torture. Get up and walk.

    • My biggest fear is being stuck in bed constantly. I’m hoping they’ll be okay with me wandering about a bit to help things along. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  4. Anecdotally, I had one induced childbirth (no epidural) and one not (with epidural). I don’t think the pitocin-induced one was significantly worse. Good luck tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to “meet” BIT!

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