First Days Home

We’ve officially been home with BIT for a few days now. And I’ve just got two things to say:

Damn, it’s been harder than I thought.

And damn, it’s been easier than I thought.

What’s been harder: I had forgotten what it is like to have someone SO dependent on you. To have someone need you for everything. To have someone who doesn’t understand that nighttime hours are for sleeping. (Admittedly, BIT has actually been a sleeping champ the last two nights, so I can’t complain too much. I would still prefer 8 uninterrupted hours versus a couple of longer chunks of sleep.)
-I had also forgotten how hard it is to change a diaper on a tiny squirmy bum. And just how frequently newborns poop! (Though I swear LB didn’t poop this much… I would have remembered something this epic.)
-And I had forgotten just how frustrating it is when your child is crying and you don’t know why and you’re tired and she’s tired and your husband is tired and you are all stuck with each other.

But some things have been easier: This time around, I went into it thinking that I’d give breast feeding a shot but that there would be NO guilt if it didn’t work out. And you know is what? I tried. It didn’t. And I don’t feel bad about it at all. Last time, I spent a good three weeks riding the crazy, overwhelming guilt train of not having “successfully” fed my child. It seriously impacted those early days with LB. And not having to deal with that has already made these early days with BIT better.
-Also, I remembered pretty quickly how to give a bottle and how to burp. How to do the newborn sway and pat. How to accomplish things one-handed while holding a baby.
-Perhaps most importantly, I remembered how delicious beer is when you can have a whole imperial pint of homebrew with impunity.

The Littlest Brewster has been a champ so far. She’s adamant that BIT is her baby and has been a big help with getting diapers, spit rags, etc. She’s “helped” give BIT a bottle a few times, which was an adventure for everyone. Just yesterday, though, she started to get a little clingy and grumpy. Her grandy came over and she was kind of withdrawn and jerk-y (if we’re being honest). I can’t really blame her – her world has been rather abruptly and permanently changed. But I’m hoping that the transition doesn’t get any worse than this. (And those of you who’ve done this before, feel free to laugh hysterically at my naivete.)

As I have been told in no uncertain terms that I need to put up some pictures of the squishy baby in question, here are some snaps from our first couple of days. Knowing me as well as you do by now, you know these are just a fraction of the multitude of pictures I’ve gotten.

Meeting her sister for the first time and entranced by those tiny toes

Meeting her sister for the first time and entranced by those tiny toes

This is my favorite picture

This is my favorite picture. Perhaps ever.

"Helping" burp BIT

“Helping” burp BIT

Diaper assembly line

Diaper assembly line

Play time

Play time

We'd forgotten how much fun you can have with (and at the expense of) a newborn

We’d forgotten how much fun you can have with (and at the expense of) a newborn

Sunday night movie night - my girls + wine + popcorn = awesomeness

Sunday night movie night – my girls + wine + popcorn = awesomeness


2 thoughts on “First Days Home

  1. I LOVE the pictures!

    I’ve found that the transition is ongoing and cyclical- toddler is enchanted with baby, toddler hates baby, toddler finds new way to play with baby and all is right with the world again. We go through this with every single developmental stage. Oh, baby rolled over? Be prepared for your previously awesome toddler to turn into a little shit for a week. So far the worst one was when Marian learned to crawl- that one involved lots of hitting and shrieking from both kids.

    At least, as you said, you can have a beer.

  2. Yay!! Thanks for the pictures and update! You look like you’ve been wrangling two kids forever– such a natural. The pic of LB (what long eyelashes she has!!!) holding BIT is so sweet. But I also love the last one of you three on the couch (Suzy does that big eye squish when she smiles for pics too).

    It sounds like things are going really well for you guys–I’m so happy for you. I know you miss your sleep but it also sounds like you’ll be back in a good routine before you know it. (Probably before my baby makes his/her appearance!). 😉

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