BrewsterMama Update: 2 Weeks Postpartum

We’re officially at two weeks postpartum and I thought I’d give you a little update on how I’m doing with this whole “I just had a baby” thing.

I actually made a very handy graph that sums up the three primary emotions I seem to be dealing with at this point in time. The peaks and valleys illustrated below repeat themselves with remarkable regularity every 24 hours. It’s like clockwork, I tell you.

EmotionsOkay, so perhaps I exaggerate a bit. My hope level is much, much higher by the time 8:30 pm rolls around than the graph demonstrates. 😉

Truth be told (and this may bite me in the butt) – I feel like we’re adjusting better to the addition of BIT than we did after the birth of LB. It may be that we had a more of a clue as to what a newborn is like, it may be that I haven’t been self-flagellating over not breastfeeding, it may be that so far BIT is a pretty happy and easy-going little girl. (Knock on wood and cross my fingers. Please, God, don’t let me have just jinxed myself.) But whatever the reason, neither the DreadBrewer nor I have been thrown for quite the loop this time as we were last time.

That’s not to say, however, that it’s been a walk in the park. There have been hard days and hard moments. Saturday was a bad day for me emotionally. There was definitely a point on Saturday when I told myself that it was a bad idea and a terrible mistake to have had another child. Luckily, this was the point when DB stepped in and sent me out to the back deck with a beer while he and LB gave BIT a bottle and put her to bed. By the time Sunday rolled around, I was once again glad to see our squishy baby and feeling like our family was now complete.

A while ago, I did a post on the power of symbols and wrote about how much I love the butterfly necklace my sister got me for my birthday a few years ago. Well, as a push present (as much as I hate that term), the DreadBrewer got me an awesome addition to my necklace.

NecklaceThe “I AM” tag is standard and then DB got to pick the word on the second tag. And I love the word that he picked. I love the idea that I am enough. I’m good enough, strong enough, smart enough, whatever enough to do whatever I want or need to do. And when I’m having a hard moment (or two), it helps me to touch my necklace or hear it jingle (it sounds a lot like dog tags now) and remind myself that whatever life throws my way, I am enough and I am up to the challenge.

Yesterday was the DreadBrewer’s first day back at work after two weeks home with us. In an attempt to ward off cabin fever and start the journey towards getting my pre-pregnancy body back, BIT and I went out for a nice long walk. (Long being a relative term, as it was a short two miles that just took me damn near forever to finish.)

Me and BITBIT ended up being pretty warm by the time we finished, so I think that we may need to use the car seat/stroller combo while it’s so hot. Or go at the crack of dawn. You can guess which option will probably win.

Speaking of getting my pre-pregnancy body back, today is the first day back on MyFitnessPal. Me being me, I actually first logged in at 2 days postpartum and then realized I was being a crazy lady and needed to cut myself a little more slack than that. I figured two weeks was a good cushion but that now it’s time to get back on track with some healthier eating. The fact that my dad’s wedding and the subsequent week at the beach are a mere 4 1/2 weeks away may have something to do with restarting MyFitnessPal as well. I’m going to take it nice and slow, though, and just do my best between now and then. I’ll do a weight-loss progress post once I’ve got something to post, I promise.

BIT’s 2 week check-up is this morning, so I’ll do an update on her (and LB’s adjustment to sibling-hood) soon. And there will be lots of baby pictures as an added enticement. Woo hoo – baby pictures! 🙂

And just for fun, here’s a funny picture from last night’s “Happy Birthday for Mommy” (as LB calls it):

BIT was not impressed with the singing

BIT was not impressed with the singing

3 thoughts on “BrewsterMama Update: 2 Weeks Postpartum

  1. I think it sounds like you’re doing great with learning to balance two little ones! That necklace is perfect, DB gets major bonus points for that one, it’s a great reminder during those crazy life moments that no matter what is going on you are enough!!
    Baby wearing is hot, I like wearing my lil guy but it does just seem so uncomfortable in the summer, but if I want to walk with him and the dog baby wearing is pretty much the only option, I can’t imagine the dog and a stroller together! (The smiley face on the cake is adorable by the way)

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