BIT’s 2 Week Update

I promise I won’t be that person who posts weekly updates on the baby, but as we saw the doctor yesterday for a check-up, I thought it was a good time to check in with you all as well.

Vital Statistics: At the pediatrician’s office, BIT measured in at a whopping 10 lbs 1 oz and 22 inches long! Meaning she’s put on a whole half pound and half inch in just 2 weeks! Way to go, buddy!! The LPN who roomed us said that she was bigger than the 2 month old across the hall. 🙂 Apparently the DreadBrewer and I just make big babies, which is not a bad thing. She’s wearing 0-3 month onesies and Size 1 Pampers. I learned not to bother buying anything “newborn” sized after the Littlest Brewster was born.

Eating: Talking to the LPN about feeding BIT, I said that she was currently getting about 3 ounces of formula every 3 hours or so during the day but that she was sometimes hungry again after just 2 hours. We’ve been debating as to whether she wants more to eat and if so, how much more to put in the bottle. Well, the LPN says, “A baby her size could probably eat 4 ounces no problem.” So I’m thinking, okay we can go up a bit. Well the doctor comes in (whom I usually love) and asks how much formula BIT’s eating. When I tell her, she goes, “Oh, she’s already getting a lot!” Well thanks for giving me a complex, lady! (Not a difficult task by any stretch of the imagination.) But we did go ahead and up her to somewhere between 3 1/4 and 3 1/2 ounces per bottle – sometimes she finishes it and sometimes she doesn’t, but as she hasn’t been hungry before 3 hours has passed yet today, I think we’re on to something.

Sleeping: The nice thing about big babies is that they usually sleep a lot longer at night a lot sooner than do tiny babies. BIT is no exception. Right now, we’ll do bedtime (swaddle + song + bottle if she’s hungry) around 7:15. The DreadBrewer will feed her around 10 and then she’ll usually be up and hungry again around 2 and then around 5:30. (Those are my two turns since DB is back to work now.) But it’s not bad as she goes back to sleep right away after eating. During the day, it’s pretty consistent that she’ll be awake for about an hour and then sleep for about two. But yesterday she totally threw us for a loop and slept for crap all afternoon (we did run a bunch of errands which I think messed with her napping) and then was a total turd all evening. So today, I made a point to run errands in the morning and will try to make sure she naps in the afternoon and thus avoid the cranky afternoon baby. Fingers crossed that that’s all it was and that we’re not headed into a daily cranky baby phase.

General Temperament: You know how your memory is totally skewed and rather faulty for the most part? (Ask my family how bad I am – I make up stories about my childhood all the time and am utterly convinced that they truly happened until my brother or sister informs me that I’m full of it. But it’s there in my memory! So it must be true!) Well, DB and I keep “remembering” that LB was more laid-back than BIT and needed significantly less cuddling and holding. Granted, I do think the Littlest Brewster was a rather independent baby right from the start but I also think that we probably held her quite a bit more than we’re remembering. And I’m sure she had grumpy phases too, but that we’ve conveniently forgotten those as well. As a result, BIT doesn’t seem quite as easy-going as we remember the Littlest Brewster being, but there’s a good chance that’s just faulty memory. And even if she is slightly more demanding than her sister was, BIT is still a pretty good baby. We don’t have those periods of inconsolable crying; we pretty much only get crying when she’s hungry or poopy or tired. So thank God for that and pray that it continues. (Side note: I asked the doctor when we could assume that her personality has asserted itself – read: when will we know if we’ve dodged the colic bullet – and she said usually by 4 to 6 weeks.)

So. Much. Poop.: Switching from breast milk to Enfamil to Similac in the space of a few days wreaked a little havoc on BIT’s digestive system (I’m talking constant pooping. Constant.) and caused a terrible case of diaper rash. It is just now getting better and only after we tried everything to fix her little bum. We did naked time. We painted her bum with liquid Mylaanta. We soaked her bum in water and baking soda. Anything that we thought would help. What has finally made huge strides towards healing her skin was making a big jar of Aquaphor and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste mixed together and globbing it on every diaper change. I think we’ve gone through more Aquaphor and Butt Paste in the last two weeks than in the previous 6 months. But the rash is starting to clear up and the spots where the skin had broken down are healing nicely and BIT no longer screams hysterically with every diaper change. Also, after nearly 2 weeks on the same formula, her tummy has calmed down a lot and she’s no longer pooping 8000 times a day.

Okay, I think that about sums it up. And now for the real reason you all are reading this post: baby pictures!

Everybody on! Mommy has lap to spare!

Everybody on! Mommy has lap to spare!

I love sleepy baby pictures!

I love sleepy baby pictures!

Punk Rock BIT - like the mohawk?

Punk Rock BIT – like the mohawk?

How you know you're a gardener with a baby

How you know you’re a gardener with a baby

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