The Baby Monitor Debacle

When we were registering for baby items this time around, we debated whether or not we needed a second baby monitor. I mean, the Littlest Brewster is getting old enough that she doesn’t really need monitoring during nap time and Lord knows we haven’t used the monitor at night in, oh, ever. (I remember our first night home from the hospital with her – I put her in her crib, turned on the camera, and walked across the hall to our room, monitor in hand. The DreadBrewer looks at me and says, “What? You want her in surround sound?” We never turned the monitor on at night again…)

But since it would be nice to have one upstairs and one downstairs to keep an eye on BIT while we’re out and about in the yard, we decided to go ahead and register for one, if only so we could get 10% off when purchasing it ourselves. I figured that since we’d had such good luck with our original Summer monitor that we would have good luck with another Summer monitor.

Boy was I wrong.

They had “upgraded” the monitor a bit from the one we got nearly 3 years ago. Bigger screen, sleeker look, blah blah blah. Well, apparently they forgot to upgrade the battery to accommodate all the new improvements because the monitor part would go from fully charged to completely dead in less than 30 minutes. And I know I’m prone to exaggeration, but this is totally true.

So yesterday morning, I loaded BIT up and headed back to Target to exchange the faulty set-up for a new one. Naturally, they didn’t have the exact same one available so I had to shell out another $15 for an even nicer one.

And naturally I got the darn thing home and it didn’t work.

So I had to load BIT back in the car and head back to a Target to return my second faulty monitor of the day. Which made me super happy because we all know how easy and fun shopping with a three week old is!

Add in that BIT had an absolutely enormous poop in the store and proceeded to let me know -quite loudly- that she wanted her diaper changed. Like, yesterday. And as I’m walking to the bathroom with her, some smart-ass man goes, “Oh, sounds like someone isn’t happy!” I was very, very close to saying, “Thank you so much for pointing that out! I hadn’t noticed my daughter was shrieking in my ear!” But I managed to content myself with a hefty dose of the evil eye. (This is when DB would tell me I’m too mean and need to be more tolerant of others’ stupidity harmless conversation.)

At this point, I’m giving up on Summer monitors and am planning on just ordering something from Amazon.

Or maybe we’ll live dangerously and only have one monitor. Stop the madness – we are renegade parents!

Granted, if I had the convenient baby model l mentioned yesterday, a monitor would be completely unnecessary.

2 thoughts on “The Baby Monitor Debacle

  1. We have the cheapest audio only monitor there is and rarely use it. Partly b/c our townhome is so small unless you have the tv or something blaring it’s pretty easy to hear him, and partly b/c I forget to turn it on at night (we do not have the receiver in our bedroom since it’s right next door, only use it if we are downstairs). Ehhh… I have been thinking about getting a video monitor now that he is older though so I can see what sort of trouble he is getting into when he is awake and just playing around in there.

    • The video monitor has been handy for knowing when the Littlest Brewster is napping versus pulling all her books into bed with her, which is nice.

      BUT I keep thinking that people managed to parent *just fine* before the advent of baby monitors, so it’s not that big of a deal if we are monitor-less for BIT.

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