A day both terrifying and exciting

Yesterday was simultaneously nerve-wracking and very exciting for me. Why was that, you ask?

Well, first for the terrifying bits: not only was yesterday the first day that I ever had both BIT and the Littlest Brewster home with me – all day, without DB – but it was also my very first “mom date” with a casual acquaintance. (Most of my other mom friends were my friends before we had kids, so there is no awkwardness when LB is being a turd in front of them because they know that it’s not a reflection on me as a person or parent. They know I’m still awesome, even if my kids are not currently being awesome.) Add in the fact that we are firmly in the midst of potty training the Littlest Brewster (post on this coming soon!) and I was convinced I was going to be a wreck by the end of the day. (An outcome that the DreadBrewer later admitted to me he was anticipating as well. Thanks, buddy.)

But the exciting bits were exciting enough that I was willing to risk total breakdown: we were going to Marbles Kids Museum for the first time and we were having someone come to the house to take some pictures of the girls! (Although the photo shoot prompted it’s own freak out of “What if neither girl cooperates and all the pictures turn out like crap and the photographer thinks I’m a shitty mother!?!?)

I am proud to report that yesterday was awesome. I didn’t collapse into a sobbing heap or completely lose my schmidt with the girls once! I did tell DB that he needed to stop and pick up some beer on the way home, but I seriously deserved a reward of some sort by that point.

First off, Marbles Kids Museum: Marbles was so much fun! If any of you with kids up to age 10 or so are ever in the Raleigh area, you simply have to check it out. It’s basically a “museum” of amazing play areas for kids where they can just run rampant and exercise their imaginations and bodies. Not to mention there is an army of volunteers who wander around and pick up the toys strewn about so you don’t have to! It took LB a little bit to get into a groove and actually let go of my hand but there were a ton of kids there, many of whom were older and bigger than she is and it was a bit overwhelming at first. Once she got a little braver and ventured off, she had an absolute blast and did not want to leave. A membership for one adult and one kid is only $80 or it’s $100 for two adults and all of the kids in your household. (It’s $5 per person over the age of 1 without a membership.) I was tempted to buy a membership yesterday but decided to wait and see if we make it back with any regularity. Though if I were home with the girls all the time, I would be on that like white on rice.

I do have to insert “the cheese story” here because this just burned my butt. LB was playing in the kitchen area and went over to another little girl (let’s call her Julie) who had a shopping cart piled high with play food. She took a fake cheese off Julie’s cart, inciting a meltdown for Julie. So naturally, Julie’s mom comes over, tells LB that Julie was playing with it first, and takes it back. She did give LB a different fake cheese instead but I wanted to be like, “WTH, lady?!? What happened to letting kids figure this stuff out for themselves? No one was hurt, no one was in danger – why did you need to intervene?” Because you can be sure that if little Bobby came and took a toy away from LB, I would let her figure it out for herself. She could either get the toy back or play with something else. Welcome to the real world, kid. Ooh, I’m getting all riled up just thinking about it. But I digress.

Second on the day’s agenda of awesomeness was our photo shoot! I actually found Danielle while searching for a doula for BIT’s birth; we thought she would be a good doula choice but unfortunately she was out of town around my due date. But she also does photography on the side for really reasonable prices, so I asked her to come out and get some pics of BIT and LB. I was very nervous that neither one would cooperate but BIT slept through the whole thing (which is actually ideal for squishy baby photos) and LB was reasonably accommodating. She said I should get the pics in about a week – I’m super excited and can’t wait to share them with you guys. If you’re in the Raleigh area and interested in her photography services, check out her website Rising Dawn Services. I got a teaser photo of BIT and I love it!


All in all, it was a really good day.

But even though it was a good day and nobody cried or lost a limb, I was very, very glad when the DreadBrewer got home from work. And very, very glad to drop LB off at daycare this morning and only have one small child to take care of. My hat is off to the parents who manage to stay home with their kids without going crazy; I know I would have a seriously hard time doing so.

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