This Is Madness

The Littlest Brewster, BIT, and I are leaving today on a 10 day “adventure” that has me ever so slightly panicked. And quite possibly doubting my sanity.

Our first stop will be in Charlotte, where my dad is getting remarried. And then we’ll be heading down to Cherry Grove for our annual beach trip. Both of which sound like lovely reasons to have a trip.

However, when you add in the fact that the DreadBrewer has some crazy projects going on at work right now and may only be able to meet us in Charlotte for a day (and at most will be able to come to the beach for 3 days), leaving me in charge of the girls on my own, it gets a little hairier.

Double add in the fact that, if you count up all of the other siblings and nieces and nephews that are coming along for the ride, you’re looking at 9 adults and 10 children, (seven of them under the age of 3) and you may doubt my sanity as well.

Definitely madness.

But I bet we get some awesome stories out of it. Look for a recap of the adventure in       10 days or so, provided we all make it back in one piece.

1 thought on “This Is Madness

  1. I cannot wait! We are going to have a great time! Michael can’t wait till the kids are old enough to camp out in the living room with sleeping bags. I will admit I am anxious to see how family dinners go each night. 🙂

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