Vacation, by the numbers

Here’s a rundown of the last 11 days:
-1 Visit to Waffle House
-1 wedding with full Catholic mass and reception following – which had one whole roasted pig
-3 wrong turns on the way to the beach
-2 poo-poo accidents on the beach
-4 epic toddler meltdowns on the beach and innumerable toddler meltdowns in the condo
-3 epic BrewsterMama meltdowns
-1 movie night with 3 bags of popcorn
-6 Liters of wine, 36 bottles of pale ale (Sierra Nevada and Southern Tier), 1 bottle of Gosling’s Black Seal, 1/3 bottle of Kahlua, 4 alcoholic sip-ups, and a case of Labatt Blue (Note: I did not consume all of this alcohol myself. It was a group effort.)
-80 bottles of Similac, 18 of them fed to BIT in the dark, on the toilet, closeted in the bathroom where her crib was set up
-35 cheese sticks, 457 grapes, and 625 pretzels
-36 holes of golf
-1 stern talking to by lifeguard (Who knew you shouldn’t take your toddler out in the ocean, even if you were holding her the entire time?)
-1 suspected anaphylactic reaction with subsequent ER visit
-8 pounds of peel-and-eat shrimp
-1 evening of gossip on the balcony with Jessie, Jacqueline, and those awesome sip-up daiquiris
-24 hours where it was just me, DB, and the girls
-2 new arrivals for 2 of my best friends! Welcome Ellie and Shane!!!

And here are a few of my very favorite pictures from the trip! (Warning: There are a lot of them!)

3 thoughts on “Vacation, by the numbers

  1. Awww… looks like y’all had a blast, despite epic meltdowns! I’d be intrigued with all those adorable tots how many diapers this trip entailed!

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