Giving this another shot – Back on the Wagon, Week 1

Apparently I don’t have the willpower I thought I had, as I am proving to be incapable of staying on track without the accountability of a weekly report. So you all are going to be subjected to a new series of Back On The Wagon posts as I try to get down to goal weight and stay there this time. (Granted, I was pregnant when I reached goal and thus was supposed to gain weight, but still. It would be nice to reach it and get to savor it for a bit.)

Here are the vital statistics:
Current Weight: 160.0
Gain/Loss Since Last Week: 0.0 lbs
Total Weight Loss To Date: 0.0 lbs

My ultimate goal is 155 lbs again. God knows I’d love to get down closer to 150, but I will be happy if I reach 155.

So what’s the plan for this week?
Eating-wise, my goals for this week are to seriously increase the amount of vegetables and to moderately decrease the amount of beer I’m consuming. While I was on vacation, I feel like I subsisted entirely off of carbs, meat, cheese, and beer. There was nary a vegetable in sight, save the occasional cucumber with ranch dressing. I’m going to hit up the grocery store for salad fixings and try to eat a big salad for lunch every day. And I’m going to try to wait until after the girls are in bed for my nightly salvation a beer, though that may result in their bedtime being bumped up to 5:30 rather than the usual 7:30. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Exercise-wise, my goal for this week is to go for a run three times and to at least get out for a walk around the block the other days. I went for my very first postpartum run/walk yesterday (hooray!!!) and it felt so good to be out and hitting the pavement again. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did, even though I’m a far, far cry from being where I was before I got pregnant. (I did about 20 minutes of walk/run intervals, with probably a total of around 15 minutes running.) Towards the end, I was a little achy but nothing terrible. I linked my FitBit up with MyFitnessPal, so it’ll be neat to see how the additional steps affect my daily calorie goal.

Okay. I’ve got a plan. I’ve got accountability. I’m going to get groceries. I think I’m set. So check back next Wednesday and see how it’s going.

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