Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom! You would have been 67 today – not old at all, I swear. (Have you noticed that as you get older, your definition of old gets older too?)

I miss you so much. Our beach trip just wasn’t the same without you. You would have had so much fun with the kids. They’re growing like weeds and you would have been such a proud grandma, surrounded by your family.

I wish you could see LB. She’s gotten so big and so smart. I know you would love her to pieces and spoil her rotten. And I think she would have always held an extra special place in your heart as your first grandbaby.

I wish you could meet BIT. She looks just like the Littlest Brewster but she’s certainly her own person. You could have helped me through this hard newborn phase. Or driven me crazy. Probably the latter, but I would have been okay with that.

I’m going to make your cake today. And probably eat far more of it than I should. And we’ll sing you happy birthday, so keep an ear out.

You should have had more birthdays. Lots more birthdays. Lots more cake. Lots more time with us.

Not fair.

But I’m thinking about you today, more than usual. And I love you bunches and miss you tons.

And I bet my cake tastes better than heaven’s cake. I’m just sayin’…

The Last Picture

1 thought on “Happy Birthday!

  1. I love you, baby. I made her cake today. I had to make the angel food cake from a box too, and I think our oven is broken, because it didn’t cook. I scooped out the few bits that were cooked, covered it with the lemon pudding and whipped cream in a bowl and it was still delicious. Eating the last bits now….mmmmm

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