BIT’s 2 Month Update

Hard to believe it, but BIT is officially two months old! And I’ve only got this week and next left on maternity leave – an occasion I thought could come neither quickly nor slowly enough.

Height and Weight: Since we had an official doctor visit yesterday, I have official stats. BIT is a statuesque 13 lbs 1 oz and 24 inches long. (Roughly 95th percentile for both.) Her head is lagging behind a bit at 15 1/2 inches (65th percentile). We had to have a talk with LB about focusing on growing her brain after her two month check up, so BIT’s talking to is coming.

Diapers/Clothes: We are firmly in Size 2 Pampers and rapidly approaching the end of size 0-3 month clothes. I’ve had to go ahead and pack up the Gerber brand onesies as Gerber apparently believes three month old babies max out at half BIT’s size. The ones from Circo and Kohl’s still fit, thank God. The thought of busting out 3-6 month clothing already makes me sad. And slightly irritated at the expense of clothes that only fit for 9 weeks. However, I have an enormous bin of clothes to take to the secondhand store to sell, so that will hopefully defray some of the cost of clothing the kids.

Eating: BIT is eating a little under 4 ounces every 3 hours during the day. We’re still on Similac Advance and have no plans to change that anytime soon.

Sleeping: Nighttime, BIT has been a sleeping champ since day one and has been doing extra awesome lately. We’ve been following a routine of bath, swaddle, and bottle at 7, then DB gives her a bottle (usually in her sleep – aka a dream feed) around 10 on our way to bed and then I’ll give her a bottle whenever she wakes up during the night. We recently bought the Miracle Blanket because BIT thumbed her nose at the Halo Swaddle Sack’s attempts to restrain her. (Pretty much literally as she would have her hands up by her face within an hour with the Halo sack.) First night with the Miracle Blanket, she stayed firmly swaddled and slept until 3:45. Last night, she went til 4:15 and even then she wasn’t really awake for a bottle but I fed her anyway since I wanted to go out for a run at 4:45 (which totally didn’t happen but whatever. Coffee and quiet time won out…). I love you, Miracle Blanket.

During the day, BIT’s naps have been kind of hit or miss lately. Part of it is that we got out of our routine while on vacation and have yet to reestablish one. And part of it is that I’m a lot less inclined to just sit home with her like I did with LB and that’s also kept us from establishing a good routine for naps. I think that if left to her own devices, BIT likes to catnap in the morning, have a long nap around midday, and them catnap in the afternoon. She’s not particularly great at napping without a little assistance, either a paci or the swing or being held; I worry this is setting her (and daycare) up for a bit of a struggle when she starts but then I think, “For the exorbitant fees we’re paying them, they can damn well snuggle her to sleep if she needs it.”

Doing Things: The Brewster-In-Training is not a huge fan of tummy time (I have yet to meet a baby who is), which means that we haven’t spent nearly as much time doing it as we probably should have. (In my defense, we’re also away from home a lot and it’s hard to do tummy time (God I hate that term) in the middle of Target or Harris Teeter.) As a result, BIT has yet to start rolling around, something I think I remember LB doing by this point, but I’m not particularly worried. She vastly prefers practicing standing and has pretty great head control, so much so that the doctor yesterday said she was as strong as some four month olds she sees and not to stress about more tummy time. I’m looking forward when she can sit up on her own and look around, because I feel that life in general will be more fun for her then. She’s starting to get really interested in hanging things, like the birds dangling over her swing or the toy bar on the rocker, and will spend quite awhile contemplating them in awe. And if you hold a toy against her hand, she’ll grasp it and wave it about, but that’s probably more reflexive than genius.

General Personality: BIT is usually a fairly easy baby. She pretty much only cries when she’s hungry, tired, or wants to be held – which is about all I can ask of her at this point. She’s a bit more mercurial than her sister was; she can very quickly go from smiling and cooing at you to pissed off and hangry. But then she’s back to being sweet and cuddly once her most pressing need is taken care of. It is gratifying just how much she likes interacting with us – she smiles really easily when you’re talking to or playing with her. No laughs yet, but I feel like they’re close.

And I tried, really tried, to get a smiling two month picture yesterday but BIT wasn’t having it. (Yesterday was a rough day for everyone in the house.) So this one from the pediatrician’s office is the best I got:


Update: It may technically be a day late, but I got a smiling picture this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hooray!

Two months

5 thoughts on “BIT’s 2 Month Update

  1. I can not believe she’s already 2 months old!! She is so stinkin cute, that little grin is adorable (and really makes me think she looks like her big sis)! I just can’t get mine to sit still long enough for monthly pictures anymore, he tends to be a little blurry these days!

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