Back On The Wagon – Week 4

Today is my first day back at work and I know that this will be a good thing for my health. Not only will it keep me from spending all day contemplating what I should whip up in the kitchen next, but it will also (hopefully) keep me from being so frazzled by the end of the day that I automatically reach for a beer or glass of wine to regain some small semblance of sanity and sophistication.

But those are benefits I should see next week. How did I do this week?

Here are the vital statistics:
Current Weight: 161.8 lbs
Gain/Loss Since Last Week: -2.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss Gain To Date: +1.8 lbs

Okay, so it wasn’t as amazing as I wanted it to be but at least it was a move in the right direction.

So what worked (or didn’t) last week? I didn’t eat with quite the wild abandon last week that I did the previous week. I still went over my calorie allotment a few days, but not so spectacularly as before. And I exercised three days, which is a pretty good start in my book.

So what’s the plan for this week? This may be entirely misplaced faith, but I really think that I will do so much better at sticking to my calorie goals this week since I’ll be back at work. My plan is to pack my healthy snacks and lunch and not eat anything I didn’t bring myself. I also plan on exercising three times at least – I’m going to shoot for Thu/Sun/Tues but will hopefully make it out Saturday as well. I want to go ahead and sign up for my first postpartum 5K as extra motivation.

Sigh. I forgot how never ending the slog towards goal weight can seem, especially when you spend three weeks yo-yoing around the same 3 pounds. Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂

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