The Littlest Brewster’s Love Affair With Bugs

The Littlest Brewster loves bugs. Like, seriously loves bugs.

This works out rather well for us, as we love bugs too. And it’s a lot easier being in the garden all the time with a toddler who’s not terrified of all the creepy crawlies out there.

The hardest part is convincing LB to get rid of her bugs after she’s tortured them loved on them sufficiently. Despite the fact that a lot of her bug buddies have already shuffled loose this mortal coil, we help her “set them free” in the backyard. Knowing that she’s putting them in a new home makes her a lot less reluctant to say goodbye to her buggies.

However her reluctance to part with her friends (particularly her June bugs – which are like giant Japanese beetles for those of you not in the know) has led to not one, but two instances where Carnivorous Bug A crawls out of Dead June Bug B while the Littlest Brewster is holding it. After that last incident, we “set free” all of our beetles…

LB holding what she calls a “Potato Head Worm” (It’s a Tomato Horn Worm.)

And yes, this one has parasitic wasp eggs on it

We’re getting BIT used to bugs early

Taking a Colorado Potato Beetle for a swim

I realized that our encouragement of her love of bugs has gotten slightly out of hand when I got out of my car at Harris Teeter and saw a dead moth and simply had to bring it home for LB. Granted, it was the biggest and most beautiful moth I’ve ever seen, but still…


Isn’t Mothra the most beautiful moth ever?

Rocking the skirt, the moth, and the beetle. What other accessories does a girl need?

1 thought on “The Littlest Brewster’s Love Affair With Bugs

  1. We have a jar for all of Ella’s bug finds. She gets to keep them until bedtime when she has to set them free.

    It’s funny, if they are outside she doesn’t mind them. But if they dare to come inside- “I going to get a shoe!”

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