Back On The Wagon – Week 5

Finally, some progress in the right direction!!! See? I told you I’d eating healthfully once I went back to work!

The Vital Statistics:
This Week’s Weight: 159.6 lbs
Weight Loss Since Last Week: -2.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss To Date: 0.4 lbs

So what worked – and didn’t – this week? Like I said, going back to work worked. Not being home to think about food all the time and burn off my extra energy cooking was a huge help towards staying under my calorie goal. As was earning a couple hundred extra calories every day for all the walking I do at work. But I didn’t exercise as much as I said I was going to. I only got out once as opposed to my plan of three times. In my defense, I’m still figuring out how to get everyone out the door on time, much less how to do it and squeeze in a morning run. But hopefully that will come soon.

So what’s the plan for this week? I’m planning that I’ll keep enjoying the benefits of being away from the kitchen. And I will aim to get out and run twice, since aiming for three times keeps failing. And I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.

We are having our inaugural brew day this weekend and we all know what that means – homebrew on tap soon!!! And of course, a beer or two or five while brewing. Then I’ll have to amp up the running just to earn my homebrew calories! But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, right?

Thanks for sticking around another week!

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