Back On The Wagon – Week 6

Sigh. Another week gone, another week with semi-satisfying results.

I mean, I’m not really complaining. It’s not like I don’t know why my progress isn’t as rapid as I would hope. (Hint: it’s the beer.) If I were willing to switch to shitty tasting light beer, I’m sure the pounds would melt off. Or at least come off a little more rapidly. And to anyone who says “Or you could just cut it out entirely and lose weight that much faster!” – I say “Between work stress and adjusting to two kids, it ain’t happening.”

But, it wasn’t that bad this week. Here are the Vital Statistics:
This week’s weight: 159.0 lbs
Weight loss from last week: 0.6 lbs
Total weight loss to date: 1.0 lb

Though it is a little sad when you look at this being week 6 and I’m only down a pound total… but at least it’s progress!

So what worked (or didn’t) this week? Well, this week I want as good with picking my lunches and snacks. Actually that’s a lie. I did pack them but then I decided in favor of the lunches provided by the drug reps instead. What can I say? I love Greek food and we had that twice! Two days of hummus and tzatziki!! Sadly, three are more calories in the provided lunch than in my sandwich and celery sticks. But I ran once and put in a seriously strenuous day in the garden Sunday, so at least I was active.

So what’s the plan for this week? As silly as it sounds, I am so excited about this: I joined a gym!! And yes, technically I have belonged to a different gym this entire time that I haven’t been using. But in my defense it is fairly far away from the house and BIT isn’t sleeping consistently enough for me to feel comfortable going early in the morning. (Because heaven forbid DB has to deal with her before I get back. Guilt of my own making, not his.) This gym is a) waaaaay cheaper than my other gym and b) 0.6 miles away from the girls’ daycare and kind of on the way to work. I joined yesterday afternoon – even got a free t-shirt, though I think wearing a Planet Fitness shirt to Planet Fitness gym is kind of like wearing the band t-shirt to the concert. Tacky! (Though I have been guilty of wearing the brewery’s t-shirt to the brewery… but that just shows I have good taste.) I’m stoked at the idea of running in a climate controlled environment again – call me a wuss, but I hate cold-weather running. And I swear, scout’s honor, that I will eat the food and snacks I pack and not the rich, fatty drug rep fare. And then maybe I won’t need to switch to shitty-tasting light beer. 🙂

I feel good about this week. Granted, I’m taking the girls to Charlotte to see my family and visit with Schmiddie but I doubt that will be the calorie-fest it would have been when my mom was coming for the visit. And that’s only two days out of seven, so even if it’s bad, it shouldn’t derail the whole week.

This week is going to be awesome, I know it!!

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