Back On The Wagon – Week 8

Finally, movement in the right direction that I feel l can sustain for more than a week!

The Vital Statistics:
This Week’s Weight: 159.8 lbs
Weight Loss Since Last Week: 2.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 0.2 lbs

So what worked – and didn’t – this past week?
Well, I finally made it back to the gym. Thank God, because that’s one of the best things I can do for myself re: my mood. Because as you all know – when I’m grumpy, I comfort eat, which makes me grumpier, which makes me eat more and so on and so on. So hooray for exercising and putting my mood on a more even keel sans doughnuts. Also contributing to a better mood, and thus less stress eating, is the fact that I am starting a new job today. Now this may seem like a stress inducing venture, but I can assure you that any new job stress will be less than my old job stress and will only be an improvement. (Not that I won’t sorely miss some of my old co-workers who have been among my most faithful readers and good friends. I mean you, Ashley and Laura.)


So what’s the plan for the coming week? I am a little nervous about how the new job situation will affect my weight loss journey this week, but mainly because I’m orienting all week and don’t think I’ll have a place to put my lunch if I bring it. This means I will most likely be stuck trying to find healthy options in a hospital cafeteria, which is like trying to find good beer at a NASCAR event. But my plan is to pack some healthy snack bars and stock a cooler with snacks in my car for the drive there and back. I’m also banking on getting to the gym at least three days – Friday after work, Sunday, and Tuesday – but I may get a wild hair and try to go one morning before work as well. And my friend Devinder is back on MyFitnessPal with me and we’re trying to shame motivate one another into tracking faithfully. Hopefully all of these measures add up and I continue my progress next week, rather than lapsing back into my pattern of one step forward and one step back.

4 thoughts on “Back On The Wagon – Week 8

  1. YAY!! I made it in! I am so glad you are making time for you! I miss you, already… But at least I still have your blog to keep up with you (aka stalk you!) lol.

  2. Aww… I got a shout out!! 🙂 I’m with Ashley your blog is a great way to stalk you and see how the little ones are doing! We really do need to have a playdate with the kids soon!

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