Breaking the swaddle habit


I feel like I can safely say that we’ve broken the swaddle habit for BIT.

You may remember that I was stressing about her sleep habits and wondering if getting her out of the swaddle would help. Well, last Friday, just to see what would happen, we put her down for the night sans swaddle. I figured that, even if she slept for a few hours and then whacked herself awake, we could pop her back in the Miracle Blanket for the rest of the night. But there was no need, as our Brewster-In-Training did great!

(And by great, I mean slept until 3 am, which I consider a reasonable hour to wake up for a bottle.)

Since then, we haven’t looked back.

Sure, there have been some hard times. For instance on Tuesday night, the DreadBrewer had to stand there for 5 minutes or so and make tents with his hands to keep her from ripping the paci out of her mouth. But once we got past that it was smooth sailing until 3:30.

And one night, DB popped the paci back in her mouth at 3:15 (not realizing that I probably would have just fed her) and she slept until 4:30!

Unfortunately, I worry that we’re trading one bad habit (the swaddle) for another (paci-popping). But “everyone” says you can’t sleep train or create bad sleep habits before 4 months – and “everyone” is always right, you know. So for now, I’ll give BIT the paci back midway through the night and hope that she’ll grow out of that need eventually.

And if not, there’s always duct tape. (Just kidding! Don’t report me like that poor grandma…)

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