Back On The Wagon – Week 10

Another week, another piddling result. Harrumph.

This Week’s Vital Statistics:
This week’s weight: 159.0 lbs
Amount lost since last week: 0.2 lbs
Total amount lost to date: 1.0 lbs

So what worked (and didn’t) this past week? Well, I was right to worry about my new co-workers not being as food obsessed as I am. Hell, it seems like they’re not even interested in food. It will be, like, 1:00 and I’m like, “Are we going to eat? Can I have a snack?!?” So I’ve been packing healthy lunches and snacks (scout’s honor, I’ve been REALLY good) but I haven’t had a chance to eat them. And then I get in the car to go home and I’m starving and I inhale ALL my snacks and I’m still hungry and I get home and start shoveling food in my mouth just to fill the void… And my work schedule has been wonky, so I only exercised Sat, Sun, and Mon. But at least I made it three times, right?


So what’s the plan for the coming week? Okay. So this week, I will continue to pack healthy snacks and a nice lunch. And I will make a serious effort to eat them at reasonable intervals, so as to avoid the frantic scarfing that has been happening at 6:30 pm nightly. And I will make an effort to exercise more than just three days in the middle of the week. I’m going today and I swear I will go Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday.

AND I will do my best to be very, very good the six days other than Monday because on Monday I am taking the Littlest Brewster to the NC State Fair! And what is a trip to the State Fair without funnel cake and other decadent treats? So I will do my best to save all of my splurge calories for that day.

We’ll see how well that pans out next Wednesday, won’t we?

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