First trip to the State Fair!

Yesterday, I took the Littlest Brewster to the NC State Fair for the first time. And we had so much fun!

About two weeks ago, I mentioned to LB that we were going to go to the fair. And – I kid you not – every day since then she’s asked me, “Is today the day for the fair, Mommy? Are we going today?!?” This despite the fact that the kid has never been to or seen a fair; she just knew it was something fun that was going to be for just her and Mommy. And I was so excited to be able to say yesterday morning, “Yes, buddy. Today’s the day!!!!”

First we had to take BIT for her 4-month check up and then we dropped her off at daycare to take advantage of a little Mommy-LB time. And then we went to the fair!

I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life – and Raleigh for a good portion of it – so it’s kind of sad that I’ve only ever been to the fair two other times. Once with my mom (which was awesome) and once by myself when I was hugely pregnant with LB (which wasn’t nearly as awesome). The different varieties of deep fried foods available boggle the mind and nearly warrant a trip in and of themselves. (I tried a deep fried Reese’s cup on my first trip – it was pretty tasty, but not something you’d want to indulge in every day.) This year, the new thing is a Twix bar, wrapped in a Twinkie, wrapped in bacon and then deep fried. We gave that one a pass…

I had my trepidations about whether LB would listen well enough to be safe and be able to curtail her natural inclination to dart off, but she did great. There were so many people and so much going on that she was more than content to stay in her stroller and look around. She’d hop out whenever we got to a ride she wanted to go on, but for the most part she was happy to be pushed around.

And I was really impressed that she went on a couple of rides all by herself. It was so funny – we’d go by some of the bigger rides and she’d say, “I don’t want to ride that ride. It’s too scary for me.” Although at bedtime last night, she told me that when she gets bigger, she will go on the “twisty rides” with Mommy.

Between paying for parking, paying to get in, buying ride tickets, buying food (an ear of corn and a greek plate and a chicken tender plate and an ice cream and a lemonade…) and playing enough games to win a new “friend,” I spent a small fortune. I don’t know that we’ll be able to afford to take BIT and LB next year!

Here are some of the pics I snapped from the day!


Trying to convince her to snap a photo with me


Chilling with her lunch (Total waste of money – she ate 1 chicken tender and 5 fries before saying she was done)


Riding the train – we liked this one so much we rode it twice!


Rocking out in her race car. Since she was the only one on the ride, the man let her go around for an extra long time

Ice cream with her new friend

Ice cream with her new friend – best part of the day, in her opinion. Well, that and the train. 

2 thoughts on “First trip to the State Fair!

  1. Aww glad you both had fun!! We took W yesterday and he loved looking at everything! It’s such perfect fair weather!!

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