So heavy, revisited

I posted last week about the crazy load that I feel like I’m carrying and how sometimes I don’t think I can manage it for much longer. And I got some really great suggestions/support.

But the more I thought about it (and the more I talked it over with Jessie), the more I realized I had it wrong. The picture should have looked like this:

So heavy revisitedI may feel like I’m crumbling under the weight of carrying all of those things, but it’s not true.

Yes, I do a lot to support, encourage, accomplish each of those “blocks.”

But each one does a lot to support and encourage me. (Well, maybe not the finances and cleaning bits. Those are just draining…)

Particularly DB and the girls. They give me a reason to keep going. They give me hugs and kisses and awesome moments to remember when things get tough and I’m tired and just want to run away.

Oct.30.14.1 Oct.31.14.1So when I think I don’t have anything left to give and I’m going to go crazy if one more thing needs my time and attention, I just need to look at them and see all the things that they give back to me.

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