The Plague House

Or: Children are little petri dishes of disease.

I know that those of you with little ones will be able to commiserate when I whine say that everyone in our house has been sick off and on for the past 6 weeks.

First it was the respiratory crud that no one could shake. Weeks of hacking and coughing and sniffling. All of us.

Then it was the bout of pink eye that we passed around between kids and adults alike. Because that’s a really good look for grown ups. Thank God we have a stockpile of eye drops.

Then the Littlest Brewster told me her toes hurt and sure enough, she’s got athlete’s foot.

Then the Littlest Brewster told me her ear hurt and sure enough, it was her first ear infection. (I can’t believe we made it almost 3 years before she got an ear infection!)

And finally, poor BIT has been battling a fever (combined with the respiratory crud) since Thursday! And double and, I had an old handout from our pediatrician with the old Tylenol dosing information on it, so the poor kid was only getting 1/3 of the recommended acetaminophen dose! No wonder it wasn’t touching her fever…

And triple and, BIT got super constipated for the first time in her life and we had to give the poor thing some diluted prune juice to get things moving again. (Luckily, this was the easiest and quickest of all our afflictions to clear up. Though we now have an enormous container of prune juice, of which we only needed an ounce.)

Thankfully, now that BIT has gotten some appropriate acetaminophen dosing, she seems to be feeling much better and I have high hopes that we’ll all be back to normal soon. (Don’t laugh at my naivete.)

Now if I could just remember to put the antifungal cream on LB’s stinky feet, we’d be all set. Who knew that kids were such germy creatures?

1 thought on “The Plague House

  1. I am dreading this! W is going to be starting daycare next week and I fully expect to have to dip into my sick time to take care of him a handful of times as he builds up his immunity! Hope the household feels 100% better soon!

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