Happy 3rd Birthday, LB!

My, how the time does fly. The Littlest Brewster is three! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home and I was thinking to myself, “I’m not so sure about this parenthood thing…” And now, I know that our lives would be so much emptier and less fulfilling without her.

So far, the Littlest Brewster’s birthday celebrations have spanned two days, with my dad trying to tack on a third day of festivities after Christmas. It’s like the never-ending birthday. πŸ™‚ Yesterday was cake with friends and neighbors and today DB and I brought cupcakes and fruit to school. (It was a little awkward because we never know what our boundaries are in situations like this. Can I intervene if one little boy is creeping on the shy little girl’s cupcake? Or is that outside my scope of parenting?)

Here are some pics from the festivities:

She was enthralled with this Frozen snow globe. Hopefully, she doesn't break it immediately

She was enthralled with this Frozen snow globe. Hopefully, she doesn’t break it immediately

Giving Daddy birthday hugs

Giving Daddy birthday hugs

Showing off her number skills

Showing off her number skills

Rocking the birthday crown and nomming on her cupcake

Rocking the birthday crown at school

And no, I’m not Instagram-y. My camera somehow added that effect. I don’t even know what button I pushed.

I think next year we may venture into the realm of actual birthday party, but I’m not swearing to it. 45 minutes with 6 people yesterday and 45 minutes with 9 two- and three-year-olds today was almost more than I could handle. Maybe it gets easier with practice, but I doubt it.

4 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday, LB!

  1. Happy Birthday! Can’t believe we’re already at 3!

    The birthday party craziness is tolerable as long as you have wine and beer for the adults. I give the kids sugar, set them free on each other, and figure there are enough adults (and tattle-telling older kids) to come get me if there’s trouble.

  2. YAY! Happy Birthday!!! Love catching up on everything through your blog.

    Just FYI, the pharmacy will be working out of Duke Raleigh mid-January so be expecting me to drop by and see you!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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