San Diego, here we come!!

The girls are with the grandparents and the DreadBrewer and I are on our way to sunny California!

I don’t actually know what I’m must looking forward to: glorious uninterrupted sleep, days of sunny, warm weather, lovin’s without the threat of interruption, or the amazing craft beer available in San Diego.

How about all of the above?

Update (The LAST one for days!):

We made it! And within an hour of landing, we’re having tasty food and even tastier local brews. Stay tuned for the drool worthy beer recap in a few days!
(A teaser: The first three entries are Russian River Pliny the Elder, Mother Earth Kismet IPA, and Tahoe Mt. Brewing Coco and the Delicate Oatsters. Be envious. Be very envious…)

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