San Diego Recap

Well, we made it safely back from San Diego and it’s back to the daily grind… Boooo….

Seriously though, while it was incredibly awesome to get away for a few days just me and the DreadBrewer, I really missed the girls and the chaos after a mere 48 hours or so away.

And then we got home yesterday morning and within an hour BIT was crying and LB was getting into everything and the clothes needed to be washed and put away and the dishwasher needed emptying and I was desperately wishing I was gone again but oh well. The grass is always greener, no?

I’m sure there are those of you who have been to San Diego that will think we are crazy when I tell you we didn’t go to the Zoo. Or the Safari Park. Or SeaWorld. Or any of the tourist attractions.

We ate. And we drank. And we walked around North Park one day and the rest of the time we sat on our little patio and we relaxed. If we ever go back and bring the girls, I think we’ll do all of the touristy things (because they probably are as awesome as everyone says they are), but we just didn’t feel like it this time.

Here are a lot of pictures of the trip:

Now, before everyone thinks it was all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns, there was some definite bickering between me and the DreadBrewer at times. No vacation (or situation, really) is perfect. And the stress of leaving our kids and flying cross-country and then having to drive around in crazy California came into play a few times. But overall, we had a great time and it was so nice to get away for a few days and just be adults with no responsibilities beyond ourselves.

If any of you ever get to go to San Diego, the places we went that you should definitely check out were:
Neighborhood : a neat little cafe with a great beer selection and killer sandwiches
Toronado : by far the awesomest beer bar I’ve ever visited. Great beer selection, knowledgeable staff, dive-bar atmosphere. And the food looked awesome, too.
Cenote Grill : This was up in Escondido (where we stayed) but it had really good Mexican food. Rather than being deep fried, the chile relleno was chargrilled and it was amazing.
Stone World Bistro & Garden : A word to the wise – we went to the one up in Escondido and got there at 11:15 (they opened at 11). The tours at 12, 1, and 5 were already sold out. So we contented ourselves with quite a few of their delicious brews and some amazing food on their gorgeous patio. Worth it even without the tour.

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