Amazingly enough, I managed to do it again!

I finished the yearly calendars for both the Littlest Brewster and the Brewster-In-Training! (See the first two years here and here.)

I have to admit that I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it once we added another little one into the mix.

And that BIT would grow up wondering why there were a million pictures of her sister’s first years and only 3 of hers. (As was the case with me. If there are 1000 pictures of my brother as a kid and 100 pictures of my sister, there are 10 of me. And they all have Michael and Jessie in the frame as well. Not that I’m bitter or anything…)

I was bound and determined that this would not be the case. And it hasn’t been.

It hasn’t really been that hard to snap two pictures a day instead of one. What has also made it easier is that if I get a good picture of the girls together, I count it as my picture for the day for both of them. (This only proved slightly problematic when I was making BIT’s calendar and couldn’t find her picture for certain days and I would have to go look in LB’s monthly folders to find the joint photos. Yes, I have a crazy picture filing system. Yes, I’m slightly anal-retentive. No, I don’t need help for these issues.)

There were still some days that we missed, but not as many as I would have thought.

The Littlest Brewster’s Calendar:

L Calendar 1 L Calendar 2 L Calendar 3 L Calendar 4

BIT’s Calendar:M Calendar 1 M Calendar 2 M Calendar 3


The DreadBrewer and I have both wondered aloud just how long I’ll keep doing these and the truth is I don’t know. Looking back on them is so much fun for us and the grandparents, not to mention feeding the Littlest Brewster’s self-obsession. (She’s a total narcissist, but I think all toddlers are.) And honestly, it’s not that much work for something we all get so much enjoyment from, so I think I’ll keep it up as long as I can.

So look for another calendar post next January!

1 thought on “Amazingly enough, I managed to do it again!

  1. Way to go!!! They turned out great! You will be so happy you took the time to do this.
    PS I’m the one who needs help… I have not sorted pics since I had the first baby! What a gargantuan task. :-/ Now excuse me while I go wipe off the inch-long booger E wants to eat!!!

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