Where’d the motivation go?

Do you know what this is?

So sad, so lonelyIt’s the batch of my session IPA that we brewed January 1st. And it’s still sitting in the primary.

Not racked. Not dry hopped. Not doing anything but being lost and lonely and forgotten. (And quite possibly developing terrible off-flavors from sitting on the trub too long.)

I don’t know where it went – our motivation for brewing. (The motivation for beer consumption is still strong, but that goes without saying.)

Multiple times one of us has said to the other, “Want to rack?” And the answer is always, “Not really… let’s do it tomorrow.” And now it’s a month later and we still haven’t done anything with this beer.

In his defense, the DreadBrewer has been hard at work cross-referencing between 20 different seed catalogs to find the best cultivars for this year’s garden, leaving little time for brewing chores. And I’ve been, um, busy. Yeah, busy.

Well, I’m committing. We will rack K’s Session this week. We will brew our final batch of the season and rack that on time, too. We will finally clean the gunky carboys in the garage before storing them in anticipation of garden season.


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