Three Quick Bits Of Random

First, what a difference a few years makes! Sunday morning, I was trying to make some buttermilk biscuits while keeping an eye on BIT. After she was blissfully quiet for a few minutes, I realized it was because she was eating one of her sister’s Valentine’s stickers. I thought about taking it away from her and then decided against it, because a) I wasn’t done with my biscuits and b) I figured it was probably a non-toxic and relatively harmless chew toy. Far cry from my freaking out and deciding LB was doomed to choke on a coupon.


Second, you know you maybe go out for coffee too much when your toddler makes her father a “tee-lot” (latte) and says, “Wait! You can’t pick it up because you don’t have the thing to protect your hand!” And then she proceeds to put something around his cup to keep him safe, just like the paper holders at Starbucks. At least she didn’t try to put in a little green hole stopper as well…


And third, our neighbor, whom I love, got the girls little stuffed animals for Valentine’s that sing. Well, BIT hates them. LOATHES them. She can be happy as a clam and, if LB starts one of them off, out comes her lower lip and her eyes fill up with tears and her chin quivers. Here is an incredibly grainy photo of her right after I started the singing.

20150216-195653.jpgNaturally, I find this hilarious and have to refrain myself from repeatedly taunting her with it. I’m mean like that.


And actually, a fourth and final bit of random griping – why is it that toddlers always seem to choose to fight you on the things you don’t really care about but you have to stick to? And by that I mean, why is it always the thing that you would give in on (like whether or not she can have a play play doh before dinner) but you originally said no so now you have to stick to your guns and listen to the incessant whining, rather than give in and teach her that whining is effective? Why can’t toddlers acquiesce to the easy things and only whine for the hard things (candy after tooth brushing, for instance, or bike riding without a helmet) that you can easily stand firm on? Sigh. Kids are hard.

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