BIT’s 8 month update

Holy moly, 75% of the way to 1 year old! Here’s what our Brewster-In-Training has been up to this month:

*I am semi-incapacitated with a head cold, so if this post is rambly or jumbled, blame the cold medicine.*

Height/Weight: Per the home scale, BIT is exactly 20 lbs. And she’s 28 1/4″ long, using the newspaper and tape measure method.

Diapers/Clothes: Diapers are still size 4, though when we use up the rest of current stash we’re going to switch to size 5 for night time. I accidentally put one of LB’s night time diapers on BIT the other night (a size 6) and I didn’t even notice until I tried to put her size 4 on LB. Which just goes to show you how little difference there really seems to be between sizes, in my opinion. I finally got off my butt and packed up anything that was 3-6 month out of BIT’s drawers and pulled out a bunch of 9-12 month stuff to supplement what we have. Unfortunately, our stash of 6-9 month long sleeved onesies is getting awfully tight in the torso, so I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy some to get us through the next 2 months until warmer weather comes. (Alas, I’ve got plenty of 9-12 month short sleeved onesies but no long sleeved ones.)

Sleeping: Still on 2 – 3 naps a day (2 at daycare, 3 at home where it’s quiet). Still going to bed for the night around 6. Suddenly decided that 5:30 was an appropriate wake up time. (Which isn’t too terrible, except that the 45 minutes between 5:15 and 6:00 is my time with my coffee and my peace and quiet and I’m loathe to share it.) I’m not really sure how to get her back to sleeping until 6 in the mornings; I’ve read that keeping her up later to try to get her to sleep later will probably backfire and end up with the same early wake up, only with a grumpy baby to boot. Right now, I’m just rolling with the 5:30 wake up and hoping she’ll go back to sleeping until 6 eventually.

Bottles/Solids: BIT is still drinking about 5 x 6oz bottles a day – one when she wakes up, three throughout the day, and one when we go to bed around 9:15. I had read on the little Similac handout that comes with some formula that babies this age are usually on 3 or 4 x 8 oz bottles a day, but it works out to about the same volume of formula so I figure we’re fine. BIT does get at least two if not three servings of solids a day; dinner is hit or miss depending on when she had her last bottle and how close it is to bedtime. I’m trying to let her do more finger foods and more foods with bits and pieces, but it’s slow going. (I feel like LB was much more adept at feeding herself by this point, but I may be misremembering.) New foods this month include biscuit, some cheeses, corn, mushrooms, pancakes, pasta, strawberries, soup. We’ve started giving BIT little bites of what we’re eating, which is how she’s tried biscuits, Italian wedding soup, lasagna, and pancakes. And I know that one morning LB gave her a bite of her peanut butter cracker, which about gave me a heart attack, but she was fine.

Teeth: We’re up to 3.9 teeth now! The bottom middle two are out and have been for a while. The right upper middle has been out for two weeks or so and the left upper middle should poke through in the next day or so. (Hence the 3.9) I really feel like the next upper teeth will be making their appearance shortly, but I may be totally off base and we’re really done with teeth for a bit. We’ll see.

Talking: The Brewster-In-Training isn’t as articulate as the Littlest Brewster was at this point  (and anyone who says, “Don’t compare your kids!” is an ass. When I only have experience with one kid to use as a measuring stick, it is inevitable that there will be comparisons.) but she’s certainly just as loud. What I mean by “not as articulate” is that BIT doesn’t really make a lot of consonant noises (mumumumumumum or bababababa, though she has dadadadadada down pat) but she growls and roars like nobody’s business. And she loves to get into a growling “conversation” with you. I figure we’ll see what she should be doing at her check up in March.

Doing Things: BIT has completely mastered the art of pulling up on things and is now working on cruising while holding on. She can work her way around the coffee table and sort of lurch from the coffee table to the couch if she sees something she wants. She’s still not able to let go and stay upright, though she’s down to using just one hand for support in order to use the other to cram any item she can reach into her mouth. (Though her preferred snack of choice is still paper.) BIT has also gotten to be a much more accomplished fall-er and rarely whacks her head anymore, having had a lot of practice in landing on her bum instead. For the most part, she is happiest when you are nearby and available for her to crawl on and growl at, but she’s getting better at entertaining herself for short stretches of time.

Here’s an outtake from the monthly photo that I thought was really cute:

happyAnd here’s our “official” monthly photo:

8 months

2 thoughts on “BIT’s 8 month update

  1. If you figure out a magic way to stop the 5:30am wake ups, you post that on this blog straight away and I will read it and implement it and LOVE YOU FOREVER for it. My 1 year old has started that nonsense too.

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