Snow Day Photo Dump

We had our first (and hopefully last) snow day of the year this week. The Littlest Brewster was so excited when she saw the snow (sleet and ice, really) and informed me that she was “going to go out in the snow just like Elsa. But without a braid, just a pony. Or a barrette. ”

BIT, on the other hand, was less impressed with the snow and frigid temps, though she was a little happier on our second foray out.


Yes, she is still in her pajamas. It was a PJ kind of day.


Yeah, not so keen on the cold weather


This is AMAZING!


She loved that she could skate along the frozen crust without breaking through


And she only fell down once!


Much happier with this trip outside

So now we can check off that box for the year and spring can come, right? Bring on the sunshine and heat!

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