The Changing of the (Bread) Guard

Sad to say, but our old breadmaker finally bit the dust. 😦 The mechanism that turned the kneading paddle gave out one day, with a distinct aroma of burning electrics.

Naturally, the DreadBrewer dismantled it to see if he could fix it. Unable to mend things, he further dismantled it just for the fun of it. BIT and LB were a big help with that, because who doesn’t love taking things apart?

Dismantling the old bread maker

Dismantling the old bread maker

We compared a bunch of breadmakers on Amazon and ultimately decided to go with this one from Oster. It’s main attraction for me was the price, though the bevy of positive reviews was a definite bonus. They make breadmakers now that make actual bread-shaped loaves, but they’re significantly more expensive. And since I usually just use the machine to knead the dough and take it through the first rise, I didn’t feel like it was worth sinking hundreds of dollars into it.

Unpacking our new toy

Unpacking our new toy

One bonus that we didn’t realize is that the Oster breadmaker has a window on top, so you can watch and see what’s going on with your bread. The Littlest Brewster is a big fan of this.

Checking out the bread's progress

Checking out the bread’s progress

We’ve been using the new breadmaker fairly frequently for the last two months or so and I’m really pleased with it. The main negative point is that you do have to open the lid during the kneading phase and make sure all of the dough is scraped off the sides. And it occasionally requires about a Tbsp more of water than the recipe states to get it to come together. But, it does a great job kneading and rising bread to bake in my own loaf pans. And we’ve baked a few loaves in the machine and those have turned out really well, too.

So if you’re in the market for a new breadmaker and want a no-frills model with a modest price tag, I would say that the Oster 2 Pound Expressbake should work for you too.

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