Yep, we have that kid.

The one who doesn’t find anything gross or icky and doesn’t have a squeamish bone in her body.

The one who loves ALL animals, including bugs and other creatures that give most people pause.

Tuesday, I got a call from daycare. You all know that when your phone rings and you see daycare’s number, your heart’s in your throat and you’re thinking, “Crap. Who’s sick? Who got hurt? Who’s turn is it to leave work and pick up the girls?”

Brooke, the director, immediately assured me that everyone was fine. But they wanted to call and give us a heads up before it came up during dinner that the Littlest Brewster found something on the playground. She found…

A dead bunny.

And apparently she picked it up and carried it around and brought it to her teachers. One of whom ran away. The other of whom shouted, “Put it down! Put it down!!!!”

After making sure she hadn’t been traumatized by it, I just started laughing. And so did DB. Because we have that kid that will pick up anything. (True story: On our rainy-day visit to the doctor last week, we had to spend 10 minutes rescuing earthworms from the parking lot puddles and taking them to a “worm party” in the grass. I know the parents who saw us thought we were crazy.)

The Littlest Brewster was very excited to tell us about the SLEEPING bunny she found and how soft he was and how she petted him and how it made Ms Becka scream. And the teachers at daycare are still talking about it, days later.

Maybe she’ll grow up to be a vet? Or an entemologist?

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