Happy Easter!

Hooray Easter! Pics from the day:

This was our best family photo

This was our best family photo

I die from cuteness

I die from cuteness. And pink overload.

Easter 3

The DreadBrewer’s Girls

Easter 4

So big!

I love how excited she is to find that egg

I love how excited she is to find that egg

You can tell how my standards have fallen. LB’s first Easter, we filled her eggs with clementines. Second Easter was freeze-dried fruit. This Easter, we actually let her have gummy treats in her eggs. The horror, I know. (My only mitigation- we only put one organic gummy per egg, so it ended up being about 15 gummy bunnies total.) And our awesome neighbor brought over baskets for the girls chock-full of fruit and puffs and neato toys. And my mother-in-law also refrained from inundating LB with candy and instead opted for a whole haul from Dollar Tree that LB thought was amazing. A far cry from the Easters I remember where there was an enormous basket of candy and we all just gorged ourselves all day long. We also dyed some real eggs and hid those as well. They were definitely pretty cracked up by the end of the morning, since LB made us hide the eggs twice for her to find and then insisted that she and I hide them for Grandy and DB to find. And then she hid them for herself, which doesn’t sound like much fun but is apparently a blast.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family close by!

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