Photo Dump, Grown Up Sisterly Love Edition

This weekend with Jessie was so much fun! Here are some quick snaps from the visit…

Jessie Visit 1

Dinner with Auntie Jessie

Jessie Visit 2

Breakfast with Auntie Jessie

Jessie Visit 3

Epic family picnic

Jessie Visit 4

Veggie burgers are delicious

Jessie Visit 5

Almost a complete family photo!

Jessie Visit 6

All gussied up for a night on the town

Jessie Visit 7

Brave Jessie getting a pedicure from a toddler

Jessie Visit 8

Not too shabby

I had a co-worker ask me what we did and I told her, truthfully, “Eat.” We had crepes at Fresca, wings/veggie burgers at BW3, breakfast at Denny’s, lunch at PF Chang’s, a cookout at my house, homemade kung pao shrimp, fancy dinner at a gala for the Lung Cancer Initiative, and homemade smoked salmon alfredo. Oh, and cinnamon rolls. And birthday cake. And Maggie Moo’s. And strawberry rhubarb pie.

All in 3 days.

Needless to say, a post on losing weight is forthcoming Wednesday.

My relationship with Jessie is one of the reasons I was so excited to have another girl. I am so hopeful that LB and BIT have a relationship like I have with my sister. Nothing beats the bonds of siblings.

Who else can you eat that much food with and know that not only will she not judge you, but she’ll actually join you instead?


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