BIT’s 10 Month Update

Sorry this is a few days late! (I don’t really know to whom I’m apologizing – BIT? You guys? Myself?) I was all tied up having fun with Jessie and haven’t had a chance to work on this until now. But better late than never!

Height/Weight: She’s up to 20.2 lbs now. Not sure about length.

Diapers/Clothes: AFter dealing with a bad diaper rash (but before the never-ending yeasty diaper rash), we switched BIT up to size 5 Pampers for days. And then we had a stroke of genius and realized that she could just as easily wear the size 6 Pampers at night and then we could use the same box of diapers for her and LB. So she’s rocking her sister’s giant diapers at night, which is good because she’s a pretty heavy night-time pee-er. BIT is wearing all 12 month clothes and some 18 month clothes. While I’m unsure about just how long she is, I know that she must be pretty big for her age because a lot of the 12 month stuff is getting way too short. Luckily, it has finally gotten warm enough that we’re in LB’s old summer stuff and I was saved from having to buy any more long-sleeved onesies. Huzzah for hand-me-downs!

Eating: Our second locust will eat pretty much anything you give her. I would have to say that her favorite food in the whole wide world is noodles, preferably with red sauce that she can smear all over the place. She’s also a HUGE fan of grapes, strawberries, and bread. Oh, and cheerios. BIT’s figured out how to get the cheerios out of the lidded snack cup and loves to feed herself. BIT has officially dropped her bedtime bottle and, on weekends, is down to a mere 4 bottles (wake up, mid morning, mid afternoon, and late evening). At daycare, they have a tendency to give her another bottle sometime during the day, usually between the wake up and mid morning bottle.

Sleeping: Nighttime is still 6:15 pm or so to 6 am or so, though the last two days she’s been up at 5:15. (Obviously, she doesn’t know that 5:15 to 6:00 is my sacred coffee time or else she would be much more deferential to my needs.) Naps are down to two a day, usually a short morning nap and then a longer post-lunch nap, which works out very well with LB’s post-lunch nap and my (desired but not always obtained) post-lunch nap. Her daycare teacher told me that she napped on a cot at school yesterday, which is pretty awesome.

Doing Things: BIT is thisclose to walking. I kept hoping that she’d do it while Jessie was here to see it, but no, she just teased us by looking like she was finally going to do it a million times and then simply sitting down. Give her a finger or two to hold and she’ll cruise all over the place. Same goes for having a walk-behind. But she’s still a little tentative about taking that first step on her own. Maybe this month?

BIT is also very into climbing up and down off of things, her favorite being the Staples box in her 10 month picture below. She can actually make it up the whole flight of stairs rather speedily (this was learned deliberately, with me directly behind her butt, not through negligence or accident) and is working on learning how to go down the stairs as well.

Words-wise, she says Mama and Dada and a couple of other unintelligible things that may or may not have meaning. She yells something with a B-sound at the cats a lot, which drives them crazy as she is very, very loud. There’s also a lot of random screeching, grunting, and yelling – but the DreadBrewer and LB do that too, so it’s no wonder she’s picked up on it.

And now for the 10 Month Photo!

10 months

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