The Seed List

Given that I am stuck home with a mildly grumpy, extra sleepy, ear-infected baby, I finally found the time to list the cultivars that the DreadBrewer has deigned acceptable for inclusion in our garden. It’s a long list, and I don’t know how to make columns on WordPress, so consider yourself forewarned.

This list *doesn’t* include what cultivars we have for garlic, leeks, onions, potatoes, or shallots as I couldn’t find the seed/bulb packets for those. (Not to say that DB didn’t hold on to them – those of you who know him know that the thought of him throwing away something as vital as the bulb packet to our shallots is simply insanity – but more to say that I didn’t have it in me to hunt down said packets in the garden files. He can probably tell me and I can add it to the list later.) I also didn’t include our established plants, like the asparagus, berries, and hops.

And now you know why I was daunted...

And now you know why I was daunted…

Here it is, the list of DreadBrewer approved cultivars:

Acorn Squash – Honey Bear
Acorn Squash – Sweet Reba
Basil – Aroma
Basil – Bolloso Napoletano
Beets – Touchstone Gold Hybrid
Broccoli – Baby Aspabroc
Bush Bean – Jade
Carrots – Atlas
Carrots – Danvers
Carrots – Laguna
Carrots – Nelson
Carrots – Romance
Cucumber – Diva
Cucumber – Suyo Long
Fava Beans – Vroma
Kale – Improved Dwarf Siberian
Kale – Lacinato
Kohlrabi – Blaril
Kohlrabi – Hybrid Winner
Kohlrabi – Kolibri
Lettuce – Freckles
Lettuce – Green Oakleaf
Lettuce – Pirat Butterhead
Lettuce – Red Oakleaf
Lettuce – Simpsons Curled
Muskmelon – Edisto
Muskmelon – PMR Delicious
Okra – Gold Coast
Pac Choi – Ching Chiang
Parsnip – Gladiator
Parsnip – Hollow Crown
Parsnip – Turga
Peas – Wando
Peppers – Aji Dulce #2
Peppers – Catriona
Peppers – Chichimeca
Peppers – Early Sunsation
Peppers – Orange Blaze
Peppers – Sahuaro
Peppers- Carolina Wonder
Pole Beans – Fortex
Pole Beans – Prevail
Spinach – Tyee Hybrid Savoy
Spinach – Renegade
Swiss Chard – Fordhook Giant
Tomatoes – Amelia*
Tomatoes – Arkansas Traveler*
Tomatoes – Bella Rosa*
Tomatoes – Big Beef*
Tomatoes – Bradley*
Tomatoes – Bush Early Girl*
Tomatoes – Celebrity*
Tomatoes – Early Goliath
Tomatoes – First Prize
Tomatoes – Florida*
Tomatoes – Heat Master
Tomatoes – Jetsetter
Tomatoes – La Roma III
Tomatoes – Mariana
Tomatoes – Mountain Merit
Tomatoes – Sophya
Tomatoes – Super Marzano
Tomatoes – Tasti-Lee*
Tomatoes – Tropic
Tomatoes – Yaqui*
Zucchini – Desert
Zucchini – Dunja
Zucchini – Scallopini

*I”m pretty sure that the tomatoes with an asterisk are the cultivars we tried last year and still have the seeds for, not ones we planted this year. Again, I would have to confirm with DB.*

And now you all understand why the DreadBrewer keeps making comments about setting up a second seed starting station in the office, if only he can find a place to put it.

Because we tend to buy organic seeds when possible, we get nearly all of our seeds from Johnny’s, High Mowing, Park Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange or Territorial Seeds. We got most of our pepper and tomato seeds from Tomato Growers Supply Company and Totally Tomatoes. Though as Totally Tomatoes replaced one packet of seeds with the incorrect packet of seeds and didn’t tell anyone until someone more savvy than I called them on it, I don’t think we’ll be ordering from them again.

For anyone thinking of starting their plants from seed and balking at the prices for some of them (Dunja Zucchini are $4 for 10 seeds from High Mowing, for example), it really is worthwhile when you think of a) how much money you’re actually saving ($0.40/plant for seeds vs $3/plant from Lowe’s), b) how cool it is to be able to plant any cultivar you want, and c) how much better it is for the environment to start your own seeds from scratch than to purchase from the big box stores that use pesticides and GMO-seeds and all other manner of non-earth friendly things.

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