Getting Healthy – Week 3

So I feel much better about this last week than I did about the previous one. It wasn’t perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a livable week. It had some treats and less than ideal moments, as well as lots of taking-the-high-road, healthy moments.

The scale this morning said 164.8 lbs. Which isn’t too shabby considering it’s probably more actual weight loss and less bloat loss than my stellar first week. (Or I just keep manipulating the same 3 lbs of bloat and my actual weight remains unchanged, but I refuse to believe that as it’s just too depressing.)

What worked for me last week was keeping in mind that I only needed to make the best decision around 85% of the time and that I could let go the other 15%. Knowing that I could have a treat (a second glass of wine or a snack size Almond Joy from the treat drawer at work, perhaps) made it easier to pick the salad over the pizza. I also managed to get out for a walk (an exercise walk, not just a stroll) twice, though I still haven’t been to the actual gym in a while. And I switched back to my preferred water bottle, making my water consumption much more likely. You wouldn’t think something as insignificant as which bottle I was using would make a difference like that but it did.

My goals for this week remain: 1) 10,000 steps; 2) 2L water; 3) track all my food with one exception – I’m taking the girls to Charlotte for Alex’s birthday party and I get to go out for an adults only dinner with Schmiddie for the first time in 3 years and I am planning to not track and to not stress out about that day. If I can be spot on the other 6 days, that one day should not derail me. And it will make the weekend much more fun if I can just enjoy myself.

Which I think is the point of this whole exercise: learning (again) to live a life based on healthy habits so that I can be comfortable with the occasional foray into decadence. And that said foray doesn’t turn into a full blown, months-on-end expedition into unaccountability and crap-tastic choices.

Let’s see how well this plan works out next week, shall we?

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