BIT’s 11 Month Update

Almost one! I can hardly believe it!! Here’s what BIT’s been up to this month: (Spoiler alert: not all that much has changed from last month)

Height/Weight: I managed to weight BIT this morning and she’s 22.2 lbs, but I haven’t had a chance to measure her recently. I’ll do so this afternoon and update, I swear.

Diapers/Clothes: Still size 5 Pampers during the day and size 6 Pampers at night. All clothes are 12 month with some 18 month thrown in. Her thigh circumference is such that many of the short/romper bottoms cruelly pinch her awesome chubby legs, so I’m going to have to get some non-elasticized bottoms to keep her comfy this summer. Or eschew bottoms entirely and let the rolls hang out.

Teeth: BIT’s 5th tooth has finally broken through, though her penchant for chewing things and drooling uncontrollably continues unabated. Perhaps it’s more of a personal preference on her part than I thought and we can’t actually blame it on teething.

Eating/Bottles: BIT is up to a solid three meals and one snack a day and generally eats whatever we’re having. She absolutely adores fruit and cheese (what kid doesn’t?). She’s managed to essentially self wean down to 3 bottles during the day (wake up, mid morning, mid afternoon), though I’m not really sure she needs those that much. And she still gets one when we go to bed and I’m fairly certain she doesn’t need that one. We’re going to see how it goes over Memorial Day weekend with dropping that one.

Sleeping: Still one nap a day on daycare days, two naps a day on home days. Still in bed at 6:15 pm, up for the day at 6:00 am.

Doing Things: Walking is coming along incredibly slowly. BIT has taken 4 or so steps at a time, but not consistently and not often. Most of the time, she’ll take one or two steps and then drop down to all fours and crawl to where she wants to go. It’ll come in time, I know. She can also wave (and say) bye bye, but not with any regularity. BIT’s typically an easy going baby who’s exceedingly attached to her mama and thinks her sister is the funniest thing since sliced bread. She also enjoys it immensely when daddy blows raspberries in her armpits. Give her some books to tear apart and some orange segments to eat, and you’ve got one happy camper.

11 Months

2 thoughts on “BIT’s 11 Month Update

  1. She is so cute, and there is no debating she and LB are sisters! And how on earth is she almost a year old already?!?

    And your 11 month old pretty much weighs the same as my 19 month old, who barely can keep any 18m bottoms on his nonexistent baby tush! Poor kid was sick with ear infections for 3 months straight before we finally got tubes and keeping weight on was really a struggle, he’s eating enough now to try to make up for it though!

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