Memorial Day Fun

Our Memorial Day weekend was actually a huge success, despite our original plans going awry.

My dad had actually asked us if we wanted to use my family’s timeshare at Cherry Grove Beach, just above Myrtle Beach SC, for the first part of the week of Memorial Day. Well, we were super stoked and managed to wrangle time off Tuesday and Wednesday for both of us, which is actually a fairly Herculean feat.

And then Dad texted that he had gotten the dates mixed up and we didn’t actually have the timeshare this week, but rather next week.  Oops.

None daunted, we reached out to some family friends who live up at Kerr Lake and arranged to spend a night there. And we set up a playdate (Good God, I hate that term…) with LB’s bestie for the first time. And we had some serious family pool time at home.

And, DB and I kept Tuesday and Wednesday off as a chance to take the kids to school and get some much-much-much needed work done around the yard. Look for a post tomorrow night about our epically labor intensive days at home, sans littles. If I don’t keel over from exhaustion first. 🙂

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