Garden Update – or Dang, I’m tired!

As I said in the Memorial Day Fun post, our original plans for the long weekend didn’t pan out. So DB and I found ourselves with two days off work in which to spend the whole time working in the garden, getting some much needed tasks accomplished.

Yes, we are those mean lucky parents who got to take their kids to daycare and then go home to blissfully child-free time. It was amazing.

But when I say we spent the whole time busting our butts in the garden, I mean the whole time. (With one teesny, tiny lunch/beer break thrown in. Just one, though.)

Take a look at the myriad things you can accomplish if you don’t have two small children running around needing supervision! We managed to:

-Install soaker hoses around the blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries
Soaker Hose 5.26.15-Fence the blueberries and put up bird scare tape. Blueberries 5.26.15-Put up two new trellis frames and netting, as well as replacing the old trellis netting on our other frames. And we added some bird scare tape to our trellises as well. Trellis 5.26.15-Cage all of the tomatoes and peppers. Cages 5.26.15-We put in a natural area in a corner of the yard that has always had pathetic grass growth. This was actually a two day undertaking; here’s day one: Natural Area 5.26.15And here’s the finished project on day two: Natural area 5.27.15 -Our super quick trip to Tyler’s Taproom for lunch and Wicked Weed.  J and K 5.27.15

-We also added drip irrigation to the new tomato and pepper beds.

And seeded pole beans and cucumbers.

And put down fertilizer on the front yard.

Needless to say, I’m pooped! And the crazy part is that we didn’t even get to everything on our list – we still need to put down weed fabric and landscape timbers between the new beds, get a load of gravel delivered and replace the mulch between the beds with said gravel, transplant cucumber and squash and okra seedlings, add drip irrigation to the asparagus bed, put in a second garden spigot for the new irrigation set up, restain the fence and deck, build a platform for the rain barrel…. the list goes on and on and on!

I’m not sure how we would have managed to get anything done had we not accidentally (and fortuitously) ended up with two days off together.

The other thing that was so nice about having this time off with the DreadBrewer is that, without the kids around and the associated stresses and worries and minor irritations thereof, we didn’t bicker once the whole time. (Well, maybe once but only for a minute or two.) When neither of us had to worry about anything beyond “Did we get enough mulch for the natural area?”, neither of us was harried or short tempered. And we had a really, really good time. Which is good – because eventually the girls will be grown up and will move away and we’ll be stuck with each other. So I’m glad to find that we still enjoy each other’s company.

Now if we manage to get another couple of days (or even hours) off together again, I’m going to enlist the DreadBrewer to help me scrub baseboards and wash windows. Because Heaven knows those chores get neglected in favor of the garden.

Granted, you can’t eat a clean baseboard whereas homegrown produce is delicious. And it’s much more pleasant to dig in the dirt than to clean it up. So maybe the cleaning can wait…

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