The Lost Month

Wow – the last month seriously just came and went and nary a thought was posted.

In my defense, we have been having serious issues with our internet service – again – and it’s been incredibly difficult to get online. Also in my defense, there are only two periods of the day (from 5-5:45 am and 8-9:15 pm) that I am neither working nor spending family time with the girls and I don’t always want to spend those precious 2 hours in front of a computer.

But I miss putting things out here for you guys to read. And I like to tell myself that you guys miss getting posts.

So I’m going to commit to getting two posts out a week, because I think that is a doable goal and Heaven knows I can’t get anything done without a definite – and public – goal.

First up, what happened to us over the last, lost month?

Lost Month

First was the coolest. bug. ever. Look for a post on our friend the Eastern Hercules Beetle in a few days!

Lost Month (1)

LB got to see her first real live rainbow.

Lost Month (2)

We had a whirlwind trip to Connecticut for our friends’ wedding. (62 hour trip: 24 hrs driving, 16 hrs sleeping, and 12hrs of actual “vacation”) Don’t we look like one of us is running for senate?

Lost Month (3)

DB was best man for the Littlest Brewster’s “Junky Joey”

Lost Month (5)

There was a great deal of silliness involving feeding each other green beans…

Lost Month (7)

And some serious lawn mowing

Lost Month (8)

We harvested the garlic – and didn’t ruin it like we did last year!

Lost Month (9)

Indoor picnics make days home with sick kids much more palatable

Lost Month (10)

DB’s new favorite thing is reading on the porch with the girls. They seem to dig it, too.

Lost Month (11)

Semi-nekkid painting! It’s all washable, right?

Lost Month (12)

DB and his small blonde shadow harvesting peppers

Lost Month (13)

Naturally, there was plenty of silliness out and about.

Lost Month (14)

And we had a big day at church when the girls were officially dedicated. (Look for a post on that soon, too.)

All in all, it was a great month, albeit an incredibly busy one. But I’m looking forward to (hopefully) having our internet issues sorted and making an effort to update here more regularly. Coming soon: our buddy, the beetle; Dedication Day at church; an epic garden update; and how goes the quest for health?

3 thoughts on “The Lost Month

  1. YAY!!! So glad to have you back in the blogosphere. You guys look sharp/hot in the wedding pic. That beetle is disgusting. And you are brave/kinder than I am to break out the paints!

    Oh, and you’re misremembering–it’s not you telling yourself we miss your posts. It’s US telling you. 😉 Love you and your blog.

  2. I’ve missed your posts!! I love being able to keep up with you and how the girls are doing, they are getting so big!!

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